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Bioshock Infinite Pre-Order goodies on Steam

GinazGinaz Member RarePosts: 2,380

Looks like 3 pre-order bonuses on Steam are tied to how many people...pre-order.  First one has already been "unlocked", which is free gift-able copy of Bioshock.  Second one is a bunch of TF2 shit.  The last one, which is interesting, is a gift-able copy of XCom Enemy Unknown.  Not a bad deal, IMO, since XCom is still selling for $50.


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  • imaginaimagina Member Posts: 104


    This should be your daily reminder for those marketting methods.

  • atuerstaratuerstar Member Posts: 234
    Call me jaded but giving people free games to give away as gifts makes me think the game itself may be utter rubbish.
  • pinktailzpinktailz Member UncommonPosts: 173
    when i hear "pre-order" i have words in my head "waste of money" by some reason
  • ElgarLElgarL Member UncommonPosts: 191
    Originally posted by pinktailz
    when i hear "pre-order" i have words in my head "waste of money" by some reason

    Pre-order in my head spells...

    We don't give a crap about the players and suspect this game is rubbish, so we are going to milk it before you get to try it out.

    Please pay us for this buggy, unfinished product so we can show our shareholders we are a great investment.

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