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Do we have any speculation/rumor release date?



  • trancefatetrancefate Member UncommonPosts: 145
    Citadel of Sorcery website down, are we finally getting some news? or finally getting vaporwared?
  • JemAs666JemAs666 Member UncommonPosts: 252

    From their Facebook page...

    Our web hosting company was migrating our MMO Magic, CoS and Forums to new servers, and had trouble. They have been down for a couple days now, and in their infinite wisdom, they can't tell us when they will be back up. In fact, they said, and I quote, "We will get back to you in 24 to 72 hours". Crazy.


  • Solar_ProphetSolar_Prophet Member EpicPosts: 1,955
    Originally posted by trancefate
    Citadel of Sorcery website down, are we finally getting some news? or finally getting vaporwared?

    Since vaporware doesn't need a website, I'd tend to go with the latter option.

    Seriously, this game has been indev for what, ten years? And all they really have to show are some videos talking about things we haven't seen (which will be GREAT, right?), and showing off incredibly brief snippets of in-game footage of something which, if I didn't know better, I'd swear was from a Dreamcast game. I've never been a graphics whore, but that doesn't mean I can't point out that there are games which were released around the time CoS started production which look way better.

    Not trying to troll, I'm really not, but reality is what it is here. For all intents and purposes, this game is vaporware. I invite somebody to prove me wrong (and hope someone does) because the features do seem genuinely interesting.

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  • Antilurker77Antilurker77 Member UncommonPosts: 4


    Donators also get regular monthly updates. The game is not vaporware.

  • jomarguejomargue Member UncommonPosts: 60
    By the time this game is released (if it ever does) graphics will be so dated that I doubt they get more than a few hundred subscribers ...
  • PhelimReaghPhelimReagh Member UncommonPosts: 681
    Originally posted by jomargue
    By the time this game is released (if it ever does) graphics will be so dated that I doubt they get more than a few hundred subscribers ...

    If anyone thinks that there are investors anywhere who would fund the development of an MMO for at least 7 years, made by people with virtually no experience making MMOs, without having anything to show for it, well, I hope that you enjoy this game when it "launches".

    Don't feel bad, though. I was psyched when I first heard about CoS too. In 2008 or so, then only having been in development for about 2 years, but approaching pre-alpha. You know, kinda where CoS is today. In that same time period, Mark Jacobs at Mythic finished up Warhammer Online, launched the game, had it run 5 years, and is now currently in pre-Alpha with his NEXT MMO, expecting to launch a playable Alpha for early backers in 5 more months, after not even 2 years of development.

    Just sayin'

    EDIT: For years I ignored this game realizing what it is... until they tried getting money through Kickstarter. At that point, CoS went from a delusion to something sinister.

  • VorthanionVorthanion Member RarePosts: 2,684
    Originally posted by mythranda1
    Originally posted by Crunchy222
    Originally posted by Jatar

    Actually, we have released all kinds of specific information on our official forums, where we answer questions constantly by players.  www.citadelofsorcery.com

    There are also several videos on the game you can watch on Youtube, including a technical briefing on some of the technology to build the world (it's kind of dry, but if you want specifics, there you go).

    There are also less technical videos on other aspects of the game, all done by various people working on the project, just search on Citadel of Sorcery and make sure you expand to all ten videos.

    So there you go, a place to go get lots of detailed information:





    Excelent.  I shall wander your links and hope to get a better idea of the game.

    FYI...you should come here and post new info as links (or have one of your grunts do it)  Just makes it easier to keep up with the many in-development games i and others follow.

    Edit: Oh, ive seen all this, and wading through the forums is not my specialty.  Was hoping for some recent specifics on game mechanics and systems not just a general overview of what your doing.

     I mean i get the basic and vauge overview of the game, and it sounds good, just its the specifics that i and others

    are really looking for...like the exacts on how your systems are going to be implimented and played by the player. 


    The forums provide an immense amount of detail about almost every mechanic in the game. The number of skills, how they are divided, how the questing system works...almost anything you want to know about it. Posting years of forum questions and responses here would take up far too much space. If you go to the forums and register, and then ask any questions you want to ask - the community is very helpful and will link previous responses to you or answer you if the question hasn't been answered. Suffice to say, the information is out there.

    For instance.  The multiple reality worlds, which is something i kind of invented to describe what your doing with the game, seems interesting...or seems like just seperate solo and multiplayer instances...specifics help with that.

    This information has been reviewed in great detail - Community Reflected Worlds, Story Reflected Worlds, Questing and Adventures...here is just one of many threads: http://citadelofsorcery.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2101&hilit=instances&sid=712c5d8fed27671ed5754b2d79fb0b9b

    However, for a summary on Reflected Worlds you can also go here: (scroll down a little) http://citadelofsorcery.com/faq/overview

    Combat?  Big factor, i havent been able to find (easily) much on this.

    If you want a quick summary of combat:

    If you want more details about Combat, go to the forums and ask anything you want to know. The devs will answer you (if they can).

    The giant growing world that seems to be too large and complex to be realistic, the complext semi-voxle graphics (all sound wonderful and i got a system that will munch those textures up and cant wait to see it all) perhaps some info on how exactly you plan to dish out this world (are we talking seamless loads as you approach a new zone...is it even zoned?) might give people a better idea as to how realistic its going to be on their system.

    This question is addressed almost entirely in the YouTube video about the world. In fact, several of the YouTube videos address this and how the content will be created. There is no zoning, and all loading is done on the fly. If you want the technical version of how this is possible, you can watch this video  

    I see on the forums its going to possibly be divided up between f2p worlds and p2p worlds...which i dont mind...untill it becomes and issue dealing with a small playerbase ect, more info on this would be welcomed.

    This is not true, and again there is a lot of information on this on the forums  where it is discussed in far more detail, (Here: 


    but for a brief summary you can read the bottom of this page under Payment Systems and New Server Technology: 


    Also, if you guys are not final on the systems...just say so.  It seems like you put  a lot of work, and quality into your videos, which stands to make me belive the same will go for the game....but ive said it before...many have been down this road before and i cant recall a single time its worked down the road.  If the game is years away from a launch dont be afraid to say so.  People like honesty with indy games not inflated expectations and deadlines that wont be met...as many..if not all indy games seem to do.

    Anything to help overcome this doubt is more than welcome.

    The devs are very responsive to any questions, and have committed to not putting anything down publicly that they will not fulfill 100%. That is why some questions remain a bit unanswered - like a release date for Alpha or Beta. This is 100% based on funding. Right now they are self-funded, but if a publisher enters the picture you might get a more specific date. All they have stated recently is that they are working toward an Extreme Demo to give more proof of concept for skeptics.


    Perhaps a nice webpage with specific systems broken down bullet point style with what you want, what you expect to have and what is already final for being in the game will help this all.  Looking through the forum i have to dig for a developer or staff response and even then its vauge...which leads me to belive theres still a ton of work and time needed yet...which is fine.

     There really isn't a way to do this with a game as detailed as CoS. The game design document would be the size of a large novel.

     There are some bullet points on the website in a few places:




    The last thing I will say is this - if you are skeptical, have questions, or want to know more about something - and you don't want to watch videos or read through years of forum posts - Just go to their forums and ask. The devs are really busy making the game and probably won't take too much time to go to different game sites and answer questions. They will, however, almost always answer on their own boards.




    A detailed FAQ on gameplay and mechanics wouldn't be asking too much or at least consolidating all of this scattered data into a single sticky post would be nice.

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