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Opinions on EU versus US servers?

SenanSenan Member UncommonPosts: 788

(I made this thread on the AoC EU forums, but I figured I'd post it here too since this community is probably more region diverse.)

I've been back to AoC for a few days, and although I'm a US player, I started a EU account last year because the population in this region seemed considerably better at the time. I've also got a friend who was thinking of starting the game up again, but as a former US player, he didn't really want to make the switch unless it seemed worth it.

All that said, I was wondering if anyone here had experience with both regions by chance? I was mainly curious to the population difference between the two, and maybe which pve server has the most 'new player friendly' community? The region makes no difference to me, and my friend doesn't mind making the switch if things are more bustling and/or if the community seems generally better. We were just hoping to get some insight on it first.

Any info you guys can share would be appreciated :)



  • SevenwindSevenwind Member UncommonPosts: 2,188

    I have to ask what are your plans with AOC? Do you want to raid top tier stuff? I think the EU servers are the first when it comes to completing Tier 4 stuff. There are a few guilds on Set who raid Tier 4 but I don't think as many as the EU has

    I play on Set and the community and population seems fine, but I'm also in a guild. A good guild will go miles in this game, or any game. Don't listen to what people say about global chat ruining this game. It is just a few people that do not reflect the entire server. Find a good guild and keep global open to hop in raids guilds are hosting to fill spots or to fill in for 6mans.

    The guild I'm in does a T1 sweep every week and it's good for getting gear and getting your feet wet to how raiding works in this game. There is always open slots and a chance to roll on loot even if you're not in the guild. We are mostly T2 working our way into T3 slowly.

    Sadly the low level stuff in this game is dead. You level so fast in this game now you blow through the content. Everything is level 80, 6 mans, Khitai faction, and raids. Guilds just help their members run DMC groups to get them to 80 ASAP. DMC is powerleveling camp in Kashetta.

    One other thing. AOC went on STEAM this week and at the moment there is a lot of new/people checking out the game, probably on both sides of the pond. So it's a great time to come back. Goodluck in whichever server you choose.

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  • SenanSenan Member UncommonPosts: 788

    Hey, thanks for the post :)

    Well, I'm really still a new player so my plans were just to level up and maybe try a little raiding and pvp (mini-games) once I get up there. I'm not a hardcore player by any means, so I was hoping to find a more relaxed atmosphere when it comes to end game content. That being the case, Crom or Set are definitely the only servers I've been considering - same for my friend.

    According to a few guys on the forum, Crom appears to have the bigger population of the two (with raids that you can join even if you're not in a guild apparently), but I was concerned that my friend and I would have a hard time finding people that play in our schedule. We both play during the night/early morning hours US time, so I wasn't sure how active Crom would be doing that time period. It also seems like there a more "casual-friendly" guilds recruiting on Set, but that's just going by the forums.

    So yeah, we're still kind of at an impasse here heh. Both regions have pros and cons so it's hard to decide. It might end up being one of those "coin toss" situations :p.

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