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Total Lack Of Information

Crunchy222Crunchy222 Member CommonPosts: 386

Alright i get that the games "in development"

Given how the games already launched and quite spectacularly failed in doing so...well i think it would be a high priority to inform past players and potential new player what exactly is being done to Earthrise that is going to bring it from the unplayable failed mess the first time around, and make it the enjoyable, stable, decentlypreforming sci-fi sandbox we all were hoping for.

Thus far since this company took over, ive seen that full loot is gone (not sure on this 100%) and that you guys reskinned the GUI into something that looks like the old GUI (excelent work and a high priority im sure)

Anyway.  Perhaps some information on the direction that this company plans to take the game might be a good idea.  I understand that in the first round of earthrise the apocolypse had already happened, and the new version is suppose to be happening...which might be interesting...but we dont know since theres zero info,


So since the games been pulled off the dead game list, and revived as a game under development..how about some insight on what you are doing exactly with the game.


People see the game and ignore it right now.  They know how bad the game played the first time around.  No one knows whats being done with the game, what can be expected, what the goals are, whats staying the same...all of this is important info.

I dont think a blind launch will be a good idea, since most will avoid earthrise given its past.  Might be in your best interest to give some info...perhaps evens tart a dialogue..let people who may consider retrying it know what is happening whats changing and where you want the game to be at launch.


I dont think this is asking too much...specifics are not needed...just some info.


  • Crunchy222Crunchy222 Member CommonPosts: 386
    also appears a total lack of interest in the game lol

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