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Crunchy222Crunchy222 Member CommonPosts: 386

Publisher is blizzard, system requierments are xbox360 of ps3.


Im assuming its buy to play


Didnt know blizzard published non blizzard games (forgive me if it dont knowwho bungie is and if there part of the conglomerate)

This is for PC too right?


Sorry for the confusion...not really sure what this is other than another MMOFPS....man why cant they make MMORPG's sci-fi...



  • AridArid Member UncommonPosts: 14
    Bungie =/= Blizzard Bungie made HALO, The publisher is Activision and Blizzard is owned by them
  • GiddianGiddian Member UncommonPosts: 417
    From what I read. No PC version. Can't wait to Play. I love Halo.


  • CromicaCromica Member UncommonPosts: 657
    Originally posted by Giddian
    From what I read. No PC version. Can't wait to Play. I love Halo.

    A PC version is possible and they would love to do one is what they have said, so I am not sure why they wouldn't.

  • majinantmajinant Member UncommonPosts: 418
    Will be buying a PS4 for this.

  • Crunchy222Crunchy222 Member CommonPosts: 386

    Thanks for some claification.


    My confusion is now: why is this game here?

    Its a counsol FPS with multiplayer...dont they have FPSguru exactly for a game like this?  Theres nothing MMORPG about it.

  • majinantmajinant Member UncommonPosts: 418

    It is a MMOFPS.

    Also, didn't realise it had to be on PC to be on this site. In saying that, Bungie have said that a PC version is not out of the question.

  • BadOrbBadOrb Member UncommonPosts: 791
    Originally posted by majinant
    Will be buying a PS4 for this.

    It's a shame you will have to wait then to play , it comes out on the PS4 after the 360 and next gen xbox console versions , might even be a year after I forgot exactly how long.

    I am looking forward to it too , I just read on the other thread it's now  going to be third person though , that will be a shame if I can't flick from FP to third.



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  • Crunchy222Crunchy222 Member CommonPosts: 386
    Originally posted by majinant

    It is a MMOFPS.

    Also, didn't realise it had to be on PC to be on this site. In saying that, Bungie have said that a PC version is not out of the question.


    No...its not a mmofps.


    Its a FPS with a multiplayer mode.  Big difference.  Im assuming that means its like any other FPS with a deathmatch/CTF mode. Nothing i was able to find suggest otherwise.  Which is dissapointing...since its here listed on a site for mmoRPG's and its not either a mmo nor a FPS...let a lone a RPG.

    Also its only for xbox and ps3...which means even if i was interested in it i would be avoiding it, due to a lack in consol possesion. 


    Again...why is this game even here?  They got FPSguru for these types of games and i go there when im in the mood for a PC FPS...what is mmorpg.com the dumpster now for any and all games?

    Ok i mean i get it, you want to expand the site beyond what its URL and make up suggests...thats fine....how about putting a system in to notify us which games are what type of game? i mean its only been like 4 years since this has been happening already?  So hard to add a color or text abbreviation to the game list to let us know that the game is a consol only FPS? or MOBA? or browser game?  Seriously...cant be that hard.  Would take no more than a day to do if you put all your moderators and commentators on the task of sorting the game list...or even put a "define this game" vote thing and let us do it.  Sick of clicking on new games only to find its not applicable to my interestes.

  • majinantmajinant Member UncommonPosts: 418

    It is going to be on PS4 too. I also have no doubt it will be on the next xbox.

    Bungie have also said that a PC version is not out of the question.


    Now I need to ask you why it bothers you so much that it is on this site? It is a MMOFPS. However, even it it wasn't, how does it hurt you being on this site? Stop looking for things to complain... sorry. I forgot. This is mmorpg.com, the palce people come to complain.

    Please continue!

  • Snakester95Snakester95 Member UncommonPosts: 47

    Heyo, I run FPSGuru and we coordinate on certain titles. For example Destiny since it's a very large title and it's something we both can cover. While it's not an MMORPG, MMORPG's aren't the only titles you see on MMORPG.com, otherwise it'd be too small of a niche. Therefore, many of the titles on this site have MMO elements although the primary focus at the end of the day is MMORPG's.

    Also, it's not an FPS, it's a confirmed TPS. Then the whole "shared world" title bit, which doesn't imply it's deathmatch/ctf as you mentioned. It's hard to find information on Destiny as there isn't anything past the press conference when it was announced. There's an article on FPSGuru I wrote that brings you up to date if you check the game listing there.

    As to the shared world bit which you may have not heard about. Bungie and Activision Blizzard have continuously referred to it as a "shared world game with fps elements". That was before we learned it was a TPS. Based on everything we've heard so far I'd go as to say it's either an instance game similar to say the first Guild Wars or is in fact very similar to an MMO.

    As Majinant stated, it's confirmed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 at this time. The Microsoft event scheduled for April may bring further details as to if it's coming on the next-gen Xbox console. It's likely since as we can tell it's on the 360, so it's not an exclusive deal. On the note of PC, it's unlikely, but not impossible.

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