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Why does Aion give you so much free stuff?

pantheronpantheron Member UncommonPosts: 256
I recently returned to Aion, mostly because I enjoyed the flying and the PvP. I played when the game was released, and for a little while after, a few months, and had to quit due to finances ( I was a student with no job). I don't know, maybe its just me, but the game just gives you too much stuff. Like i got free lvl 35 Gold armor, I got  like 1000 free scrolls, free dye, a bunch of bags of random manastones, etc. it kinda of makes me upset how much imm getting at no cost to me. My girlfriend just stared, and she doesn't understand why it upsets me, and in fact she gets mad that I refuse to take all this free stuff the game hands to me. I recently hit level 50, and the game basically gave me free armor and a free weapon, which was, to me, infuriating. Why would a game just give me high stat armor and weaponry? I apologize in advance for this rant, to any who should read it, I'm more venting than anything. 

I play MMOs for the Forum PVP


  • EvilestTwinEvilestTwin Member Posts: 286

    Are you an asmo?   Asmos have faction incentives right now because they're less populated on a few servers.   So NCSoft is trying to get more asmos by giving them PvP incentives.

    Also, the reason they give you so much free stuff in general is because they want everyone to be playing at end game, so they give you stuff to hurry you along.   The end game gear is still pretty grindy.

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