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Don't play anything from SpaceTimeStudios

So it seems I will not playing arcane legends anymore. My device got randomly blocked without notification or reason. Kinda funny considering all the reports and photos taken of players getting away with swearing all the time. A negative review has been implemented on google chrome and will be placed on other gaming forums that has given space time studios sparkling reviews. 1mil gold + down the drain & my 300 platinum. Whether this shouldn't be discussed on here or not I feel I got tossed to the curb especially helping with STS with their beta app Arcane legends when it was first out.  I am a long time mobile app customer with Gameloft and they don't over look on situations like these. 

Anyone that has been cheated by SpaceTimeStudios or has gone through this sort of stress, my advice to any player would be submitting a report to either rip off report, better business, or even consulting your bank of a charge back. 

Report does nothing, players swear, players cheat, and they never get banned. They still remain in game unpunished. SpaceTimeStudios really do give subjective bans.

Player Hyabusa Jin.



  • MightyChasmMightyChasm Member Posts: 298

    You reported people for saying 'Bith' (presumabely couldn't spell bitch) and 'kiss my ass' ?  

    My God, this is why I sometimes hate online games.  

  • RasereiRaserei Member UncommonPosts: 1,057

    I got permanently banned for saying one swear. There is a word filter and it doesnt even work. I emailed them and they said I'm permanently banned. 


    Made a new account, I got banned because they knew it was me. This is the dumbest game company ever.

  • GokuryuGokuryu Member Posts: 8
    Spacetimestudios deserves to be boycotted. I'm sorry, but every Spacetimestudios forum member I have seen are either admins cloaking themselves as regular members or and just a bunch of "yes'men" agreeing whatever spacetimestudios do. It's disgusting, disrespectful, and delusional to the real audience of gamers. What I don't understand is how do they have the balls banning people who paid large money payments and then get cheated out later on or bull shit rules. Players in game swear all the time, pretty much any online game. If Spacetimestudios were as smart as they are then shouldn't ban anyone if filters were implemented & mute functions provided.

    For anyone that is reading this, I suggest boycotting spacetimestudios to google products or aka google apps. If I'm banned, so should the other player be banned as well committing the crime. Or better yet, no player should be banned when a filter is in function let alone a mute as well.

    Thankfully, I got my full 500$ back from my bank after filing a charge back. I hope Spacetimestudios rot and go to hell. They are an insult to adult gamers and sides with trouble maker kids. free android apps. Free feels so good!

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