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Negative review Arcane Legends Space Time Studios

So it seems I will not playing arcane legends anymore. My device got randomly blocked without notification or reason. Kinda funny considering all the reports and photos taken of players getting away with swearing all the time. A negative review has been implemented on google chrome and will be placed on other gaming forums that has given space time studios sparkling reviews. 1mil gold + down the drain & my 300 platinum. Whether this shouldn't be discussed on here or not I feel I got tossed to the curb especially helping with STS with their beta app Arcane legends when it was first out.  I am a long time mobile app customer with Gameloft and they don't over look on situations like these. 

Anyone that has been cheated by SpaceTimeStudios or has gone through this sort of stress, my advice to any player would be submitting a report to either rip off report, better business, or even consulting your bank of a charge back. 




Report does nothing, players swear, players cheat, and they never get banned. They still remain in game unpunished. SpaceTimeStudios really do give subjective bans.

Player Hyabusa Jin.


  • GokuryuGokuryu Member Posts: 8
    Spacetimestudios are really harsh and subjective to banning. I was banned on there recently as well. There are handful of players who violate the rules and still continue to play without being banned. I just don't get it. In any case, I filed a charge back to get my 500$ back from STS they deserve to be boycotted.

    FYI if anyone is reading, they recently banned an innocent player in an abusive act of censorship. This player did not violate any terms of service of STS. All he did was shared an opinion in a respected manner relating to the game development of Arcane Legends. His criticism must likely struck a nerve to the developers.

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