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EVE 21 day trial

So I finally decided to start playin EVE online, on paper it looks like the best mmo on the market atm so I gotta check it.

After all it has been years I've been readin awesome stuff about the game but other games were keepin me busy. 

Now I think I am ready for the adventure, so is there anyone willin to send me a 21 day trial and invite me to his corporation?

I am installing the game right now :)



  • xpowderxxpowderx Member UncommonPosts: 2,078

    Welcome to first. Second, Eve already has a 14 day free trial. It is limited, but you will get a idea of how things work. I recommend doing the tutorial as well as the agent missions associated with it.

    Also you should have posted this in the EVE online forums (JITA). Not really a MMORPG PUB post. You can find the EVE forum here:

  • MaephistoMaephisto Member Posts: 632

    I never got very far in Eve, but that is more my fault than anything else.  I just dont have the time to invest into the game.  That being said, I loved Eve, I think its great.

    Most people will tell you to join a corp so you can get trained on various mechanics (pvp/pve/trade/industry).  However, any corp worth joining requires 5 mil SP's atleast.

    I was unsuccessful finding a corp that would take the time to tutor me.  I have a feeling they let me join so they could tax me 15% on everything.

    I suggest keeping patient with the game and get to 5 mil SP's, then find a good guild to join.  

    Your hand isnt going to be held at any point, just be patient I guess.  Maybe someone who knows more can help you out on here.


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