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Kingdoms of Whren

corpsegankcorpsegank Member UncommonPosts: 38

Whren (pronounced WEN) is a Massively Online Virtual World (MOVW)

Whren is a post-apocalyptic world that was wiped out by Nuclear war. All technology was lost and beings left were without intellectual capacity until years later. A metaphoric change to the living from the radioactive aura caused alteration in some animals and in humans that survived. The world was without real form or structure until one soul found the secrets of the great holocaust.

He took on the task of re-educating the surviving races and rebuild the kingdom. Divided by beliefs the kingdom split and divided into multiple factions. It has been about 5000 years later when you enter this world. The time is 4977 PH (post holocaust) a time that progressed from the Age of Sorrow to the Age of Darkness (medieval times in earth time frame).

Unlike a MMORPG (Massively Online Role Playing Game), Whren is not a game in its design. It is a open dynamic free form world. It has no levels or skill levels but it has infinite progression. 

The deep lore and history is user driven from its roots and non-ending.

There are two types of environments planned at this time.

Environment one - The user base is realm verses realm or user versus user. It is open world warfare with dynamic borders and dynamic factions which changes based on the majority user base.

Environment two – The user base is strictly user versus environment with consenting engagements in arena and duels. This environment has fixed borders and does not have the dynamics of environment one.

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This is an ambitious project that has been going on for many years, but was recently revived and on it's feet again.

The forums are open for discussion 



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