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  • Crazy_StickCrazy_Stick Member Posts: 1,059

    OP, there are a lot of reasons one could argue EVE sucks and should be avoided by some players. You've got multi-boxing, bland PVE, the big blue boring ball in 0.0, metagaming, the rise of blob warfare, worthless low sec, afk mining, one gun ship designs rather than versatile weapon loadouts, seemingly sanctioned botting in 0.0, sometimes corrupt staff that share info, terrible customer service GM work, lag, time based skill advancement, over seas transaction fees, cut throat player population that looks over weight, dressed all in black, and angrily drunk at every fan fest in the videos while being all creepy around the female CCP employees... etc.


    I could buy some of that as a good reason to be wary of playing EVE. PLEX and veteran players doesn't cut it with me. However, in spite of all its flaws its the one game that let's you go make your own place in the universe. Even now caught in an MMO dry spell I am sitting here wondering, well should I go take out an account, play some EVE again and see what happens? Maybe this will be the time it works out. Or maybe I should just go try out Perpetuum. Eve has been my f''n curse forever my frustration, the promise of something I want that's unfullfilled no matter my skill, its a shallow illusion and remnant of a dream it leaves shattered every time.


    F'n game.


    But I still wouldn't tell some one not to try playing. Just to consider what they are getting into and why.

  • WellusWellus Member Posts: 13
    My friend plays this game, he started it with trial account and found some people in game to talk, later he bought one plex and after month he is participating in huge battles with his clan or how do i call it on eve, so the best thing to do is invest a little money, some time and try to talk with people, so you might find someone how will invite you to their "clan" and then the fun begins. For myself i didn't found this game fun, well it is in battles, but the controls it self are boring for me, i like games with combat similar to freelancer, star conflict, or black prophecy when it was alive.
  • JimmyYOJimmyYO Member UncommonPosts: 519
    Some games don't hold it for you while you piss, deal with it.
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