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Permadeath in Star Citizen! Yup, this game will be hardcore!



  • william0532william0532 Member Posts: 251
    Originally posted by Caldicot
    Originally posted by william0532

    Star Citizen will now have an arena mode as well. 


    My "It's going to be hardcore" thought is now rescinded. 

    Arena's, a slider(for PvP preference), this game is probably going to be a fun single player game(the sq42), but I'm getting a feeling that it's going to miss completely on the mmo portion of the game.

    Can you elaborate on that? I'm also confused by this mixed single-player/MMO thing. All I know is that I want a good MMO space-sim. You know like EVE but actually fun to play.

    Yeah, they dropped this 

    • Arena mode: The next generation of Wing Commander’s TrainSim allows pilots to test out their combat skills against friends or strangers in a simulation. Gain valuable combat experience without the downside of losing your ship in the game universe! Place bets on competitions across the galaxy.
    Confusion about the mixed single-player mmo thing; This is simple to explain. It's essentially three different modes of playing.
                  1. Squadron 42-single player/co-op game(it's a military campaign)
                  2. Star Citizen- A persistent universe(MMO), that is one universe(no pvp/rp/pve servers), that is instanced due to technical reasons(amount per instance will be determined during alpha/beta)
                  3. Private server- you can host your own server with your friends(your own mmo world)
    As far as wanting a good space sim= Chris Roberts would be about the only person to get this right, maybe Draben as well(he's making Elite Dangerous, another space sim)
    As far as wanting EVE but fun= If you mean, eve universe with fun dogfighting, I sincerely doubt this will be EVE like in any shape or form. As far as sandbox gameplay. 
  • william0532william0532 Member Posts: 251
    Originally posted by Hrimnir

    Did anyone actually read the article?  Yes, by sheer technicality this is a permadeath system.  But, as in all space based games, just like EVE, your character isnt really the important part.  The important part is your ship and your $$$.  He even admits as much in the article:


    Because of how Star Citizen works, the death of your character is not as catastrophic as it would be in a traditional RPG. If you want to think about it in terms of RPG conventions, the character that you are leveling up and customizing is really your spaceship. Your avatar is really just a visual representation of your in-game character, and because Star Citizen is skill based, the loss of your character is more a cosmetic and textural outcome, especially as almost all of the assets you’ve worked hard to accumulate pass on to the beneficiary that you specified when creating your original character.


    So, you guys can stop the circle jerk now.

    Can simplify it even further. It works like lives. You can buy/do missions to get lives back. So the only way you permanently die, is if your an idiot and don't fix it in the ample time you have to build your 'lives' back up.

    (I'm sure lives will be called something smexier like longevity or vitality or some such term)

  • Fros7biteFros7bite Member Posts: 32
    Originally posted by Ohura75

    I just became a 65.00 pledger, which gives access to all alpha and beta's.  Does anyone know when those might be?  Was poking around on the game site and didn't see anything about beta or alpha testing and/or a date.  



    There is a wiki! Please check it out.

  • AnthurAnthur Member UncommonPosts: 961

    Horrible thread title. Please read the article. This has nothing to do with perma death. I actually find it a quite interesting and innovative way to handle death. But it definately is NOT permadeath. Unfortunately we can't downvote threads like this.

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