What are you doing when you wait for Cardmon Hero?

bubalubabubaluba LjubljanaMember Posts: 434
I know that this game have a huge fan base and i relly don't know what to play until this game is released. I lost fun in any other game, canceled all my subscriptions when i saw that amazing title. I think all of  this over  hyped games like archage, teso, exct...will lose to many  buyers because of Cardmon. So what are you playing(if you can) now?


  • AmarantharAmaranthar OhioMember UncommonPosts: 2,970

    Never heard of it.

    Oh, wait, a search shows that it was previously known under several other names.

    (Previously known as Orka Online, Yuina Online: Adventure ORKA and Camon Hero)


    That right there gets me all a'tingle with excitement and anticipation. image

    Once upon a time....

  • DibdabsDibdabs FelvershamMember UncommonPosts: 2,754
    LMAO, All I can say is... THAT has a "huge fan base"?  It looks like some people are very, VERY easily pleased.  Sorry, I couldn't care whether this game even makes it over here, let alone spend time pining for it.  :D  Some companies just need to try harder.
  • bubalubabubaluba LjubljanaMember Posts: 434
    It is very different mmo, you have aid from cards. That approach is revolution in gaming industry, mercenaires are summoned by combination of cards, World is sooooo huge and amazing with so many dungeons and chalenges. Duels are epic, you should try this game guys.
  • DaxamarDaxamar Green Cove Springs, FLMember UncommonPosts: 583
    +1. Best troll thread this week!
  • KazuhiroKazuhiro Hampshire, AZMember UncommonPosts: 582
    I know they say "there is no such such thing as bad publicity". But this may well prove that old addage wrong.

    To find an intelligent person in a PUG is not that rare, but to find a PUG made up of "all" intelligent people is one of the rarest phenomenons in the known universe.

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