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Well this is exciting News

noblotnoblot Member Posts: 287

Blimey, this was exciting to find; I dreamed of DAoC2 but never thought it would at least get as far as the starting line.

Hopefully this can be the MMO we would all love to play and live in again - I know both myself and the wife still pine for DAoC (and subscribe every now and again for a month or two).

Lets hope they have learned the lesson for the past. Parts of DAoC sucked and parts of WAR were actually very good.

T1 War was perfect, the best PvP ever, but the RVR failed as there no realm pride. City invasion should have been epic but never quite carried it off.

WAR T1 PvE and public quests were actaully pretty fun (particularly empire); a game needs some PvE, I recon that DAoC got this about right.

Everyone always moaned about class balance in DAoC - the mirror classes in WAR absolutely sorted this out. However the lack of classes in WAR certainly made it less playable for players like my wife who gets bored playing a particular class after awhile (she never managed to get through all the classes in DAoC even in four years of playing).

Personally, I think the graphics let WAR down, DAoC has always looked better.

The fact you could RvR in WAR right from level 1 was definately the best - the tier system was great. What let it down, was the lack of players / interest in certain RvR lakes, a mirror issue to DAoC battlegrounds where only the 21-24 was really popular.

But for me, the biggest issue is about instant scenarios. On one hand there were the best feature of WAR, but they drew players away from the RvR (lakes). Its going to be interesting to see how this game progresses.

Finally, I hope they have a look at Eve, same age as DAoC but still going strong :)

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