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World of warplanes

DizzlerDizzler Member Posts: 231
Same game? What's different



  • PTEDPTED Member Posts: 464

    War Thunder has a better developed flight model as its predecessor, Wings of Prey, is a Single/Multi-player flight sim that's very good in its own right. War Thunder is Wings of Prey + MMO.

    Additionally, playable Land and Naval Units are being built into the base game unlike the World of X series, that may or may not end up with combined arms warfare.

  • Crunchy222Crunchy222 Member CommonPosts: 386

    Essentially the same basic game.

    However, as the other posted mentioned, this game is built on a good flight simulator.  Differences in gameplay between warthunder and wop is night and day.

    Also warthunder has the plan to incorporate tank and sea battles within the game with the air battles.  That said theres no telling if land/sea units will just be controlable bait for airplains, or if they will preform terribly.

    Personally im really dissapointed they didnt reset the game as they moved into open beta, i had spent a bunch of cash shop whatevers that you get from buying a campaign pack, in the hope it was going to get reset, on top of that i was planning to focus on one countries aircraft...seems strange since a lot of aircraft are missing and if they add them in your going to have gaps in your research tree...

  first they seemed cool but its becomming apparent, that this russian developer found the allure of making russian stuff the best and american stuff a joke...too hard to resist.  So like world of tanks expect to be in the russian aircraft if you want to be really good...yeah theres a select few competative aircraft from other countries, america seems to get the shaft with super fragile aircraft that do little damage and also seem to preform mush more sluggish than russian counterpart plains of the same research previous complaint about themnot resetting and me wanting to focus is because i leveled all the coutries decently which makes crew training thin...but also gave me the ability to see how the various countries aircraft compare. Its russia by a long shot on most aircraft and research levels.


    Good game for short bursts of fun, game is packed with non english speakers.  Lots of ramming over dogfighting (easier to take someone out and get full reward) as well as fighting with your own team for kills (lack of teamwork) that was oh so annoying in wolrd of tanks.

    Its a decent game and by far the best aircraft game of this type.  Game has a long way to go before being complete.  Needs to drop the russian pride thing and make a good game thats balanced (or historically accurate if thats how they want to do it)


    This game at its heart is the same general concept of world of tanks and world of plains...just placed in a very good flight engine.  Really the same issues arise as either of its competing games, and its tank version which i guess isnt competeing but the same general concept.  I do love how your able to customize your aircraft however its not like wargaming where its all cash shop or rented either, achievement unlocks for the most part, able to add more with premium i think.

  • rawfoxrawfox Member UncommonPosts: 778
    Originally posted by justtires
    Same game? What's different

    Different is, that WoWP pays a lot of money to push their game while WT is just a excellent gaming experience with 10-30k players all time.


    We have to be fair, WoWP is under heavy development it seems and it will doubtless improve a lot, im just not sure if they have the right behavior when they buy journalism with money to improve their game(articles).


    On a personal side note: aircraft should not be controlled with a mouse ..


  • AtrusVAtrusV Member UncommonPosts: 305
    If World of Warplanes wants to success, it needs to redo many things. Starting by the controls, they are terrible. And the physics are too arcade (however, since I'm a noob at using planes, I'm not complaining)

  • SmintarSmintar Member UncommonPosts: 214

    I posted some difference between the 2 companies and here is an example of that


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