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Shadowbane2, is it just a Rumor?



  • stonebredstonebred Member Posts: 33

    Originally posted by Sturmrabe
    It needs a lot more than a facelift, and an endgine change is essentially a new game...
    There needs to be quests and crafting, and more class balancing

    One of the things I love about SB is the LACK of questing. I actually like the grind. And the fact that the classes aren't always balanced makes it more fun IMO. Gives you a chance to decide whether to play a character because of RP decisions or because of gameplay decisions.

    I do admit that crafting would add a new dimension though.

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  • Suo_Eno_1357Suo_Eno_1357 Member UncommonPosts: 168
    Uhh..problem is... Most SB vets (and I'm NOT one of them, I'm a complete newb, let me clarify that in advance) were and STILL ranting on lacking quests and imbalanced classes (the official forums can testify to this) as 2 of many attributing causes that had hampered SB's growth. Which is why most of 'em are either calling for a SB makeover or SB2's creation to come into the picture? To me, I'd rather they stick to or call the sequel as 'Shadowbane : Finally Merciless' than SB2 image, 'coz SB2 sounds a tad too close to L2. Not that it's much of a concern anyway..image

    Quests shouldn't be made as a mandatory requirement for players (evidently a lot of other titles suffers bad too in this dept.) but in fact, quests gives better objectives to what I deem as one of the best lores around in SB, even compared to other titles. Lacking those had made the lore being reduced to mere reading pleasures and who the hell wants to bother with lines and lines of texts in a so-called 'merciless' environment? So it's better to expand on that by quests to give it any real sense of use?

    Anyway, here's an old interview of SBG from FiringSquad to give us some hints (I can't see any to be exact, but wth..) or directions about SB2 or whatnot.

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