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Priest/Rogue LF Raiding Guild

YosharaYoshara Member Posts: 5
Hey everyone,

Currently I am looking for a Horde or Alliance raiding guild. I just used a scroll of res after a very long hiatus. I have raid experience back in WoTLK, BC, and Vanilla WoW and have played many MMOs that require the skills you need for raiding. I also play League of Legends competitively and can assure you I have the reflexes for boss fights and PvP. I also can learn boss fights and mechanics within 1 or 2 attempts so I would say my understanding of these things is above normal.

I also will, if given enough incentive, throw in for a race and server transfer for the required characters.

Here is the catch...

Currently my Rogue is 77 and my Priest is 83 but I will also be using the scroll on a lower level I am just not sure what class or faction I want to do that to. This means I will need some time to get to 90 (not sure how long it takes these days). If the guild is willing to give me this time I can promise everything above.

I do understand that in a guild a person's personality comes into play and that making waves is a bad thing.

As a person I am very quiet at first but I do warm up and make friends pretty quickly. I like drama free environments but also understand that sometimes you can't avoid it. I get a long with people quite nicely and my tolerance for obnoxious people (and they are out there) is pretty high.

I do have a low tolerance for stupid. By this I don't mean someone who doesn't understand a fight or doesn't get a mechanic right away. I am referring to people who refuse to understand or refuse to change how they play because it is too hard for them. It is truly hard to explain but I hope you get the my meaning.

Over this week and into the upcoming weekend I will be moving and might be offline for a couple of days. (shouldn't be more than 3) Since I am relocating to a much bigger home for me and my family. If you feel I am a good fit for your guild and want me right away and I don't seem to be checking the forums fast enough you can email me at [email protected]

Availability is probably going to have to be 3 (4 max) nights a week. I am CST (-6 GMT) and Sundays will probably be a day I cannot make. Good times for me are during the normal "after work" time frames so 6:00 CST to about 10:00ish. I do understand raids can run long.

Anyways sorry for the wall of text and thank you for your time,
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