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Need PVP info

I was wondering if an AoC veteran player could tell me how the pvp is. How does the siege system work, is it fun? How is the open pvp/noteriety system and pvp ranks? Are the classes somewhat balanced?


  • FromHellFromHell Member Posts: 1,311



    here some general infos from AoC Wiki. Deathwish Blood &Glory ruleset server is another option not mentioned below. There are several warzones/minigames, sieges, open world PvP with chest drops and pvp levels, also battle mounts like mammoths you can use.


    Age of Conan has numerous options for PvP players. There will be PvP minigames like Capture the Skull, as well as massive siege PVP battles over Battle Keeps. Additionally you will be able to do drunken brawling, fighting for your honor in the bars of Hyboria. For those who just can’t get enough PvP, there will also be special PvP-focused servers with slightly different rulesets.


    Can everyone attack anyone or are there limitations? 

    Fighting between players is consensual, because it is limited to certain areas of the game world. If you want to avoid PvP combat, all you have to do is avoid these areas (and the PvP server).

    The Border Kingdoms is the main region for massive PvP combat, and this is where player guilds will fight over ownership of battlekeeps.

    The PvP servers will have their own special rulesets.

    What is the Border Kingdom? 

    King Conan has opened up the bothersome Border Kingdom for expansion, and several individuals in his court will sponsor settlements in this region. This means that players can set up their own persistent battlekeep—a castle, in other words—in these areas. This battlekeep must be defended against other guilds, as the battlekeeps are limited in number and can provide rare and valuable resources to the guild that controls them.

    The Border Kingdom is the “Wild West” of Hyboria, a deadly, lawless place where it is wise to ride carefully.

    So the Border Kingdom is the only place for PvP?

    No, there are other areas to engage in player-versus-player combat but the Border Kingdoms are the only place you can take part in siege PvP. For instance, you can play one of our PvP minigames or take part in a drunken brawling minigame where you can slug it out in the taverns. In general, though, other players will not be able to harm you outside the Border Kingdom. Obviously, this doesn’t apply on a PvP server.


    What are battlekeeps?

    Battlekeeps are structures that players can build and maintain in the Border Kingdom. There are a limited number of areas where these can be built, though, and it’s a certainty that other guilds will come and try to take it from you (or even destroy it completely) through the use of siege engines. By using collected resources such as iron, stone, and wood, players can improve these battlekeeps, building walls and other buildings to aid in the defense. It is also possible to add computer-controlled guards to your building.


    But I’m in a small guild! We don’t have the manpower to hold something like that. 

    Building, maintaining, and defending a battlekeep does take a lot of resources and manpower, and it’s not something every guild has the capacity to do. Spread over the Border Kingdom, you will find something we call towers, which function like mini-battlekeeps that can be captured and held by smaller guilds. While they do not give the same benefits as battlekeeps, it will definitely be worthwhile to control these structures, as well.


    How can another guild capture a battlekeep or tower? 

    Very few people want to stand on guard duty for twenty-four hours, so there will be specific periods when a battlekeep is open for attacks. The attackers will then have to bring down the defenses by any means possible! For more on sieging and city building, please see this article.


    So there are PvE and PvP advancement systems? 

    Yes. There are twenty different PvP levels in addition to the normal skill levels. You gain PvP levels by fighting battles with other players and opening new PvP levels gives you special feats and abilities..

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  • skorner64skorner64 Member Posts: 47
    It sound sawesome, but since I haven't heard much about it, I'm guessing it probably soudns alot better than it works in action can anyone comfirm or deny this?
  • emi56emi56 Member UncommonPosts: 24
    I loged in few days ago jsut to see how population is now days. I was told that nobody does pvp sieges anymore and people can't even get a raid full of people to do some of the beginning raiding content. Sad times... It use to be my favorite game. 
  • skorner64skorner64 Member Posts: 47
    Thank emi, I went to the age of conan offical forums and it seems many threads are about how seiges are no longer taking place, and how pvp is hard to find etc. guess I'll pass then.
  • FromHellFromHell Member Posts: 1,311
    Originally posted by skorner64
    It sound sawesome, but since I haven't heard much about it, I'm guessing it probably soudns alot better than it works in action can anyone comfirm or deny this?

    Don´t judge a MMO according to how many people talk about it here on this site. Not many people talk about WoW either, yet it has ten times more players than any other MMO. :)

    AoC is doing great, not on this site in particular because everyone hypes the next sandbox but the game is quite packed with players, that´s the only thing that counts.

    btw people would be surprised how "sandboxy" AOC does get later on. Gathering limited ressources in the open world, deep crafting soon to be revamped with improvements, open world PvP with optional corpse looting on Blood&Glory servers, guild city building, sieges and battlekeeps to build and defend, non linear leveling in dozens of alternative zones. Soon(TM) upgraded with TSW´s single server technology for cross dimension player interaction plus 6x SWTOR type PvP warzones.

    Yeah it´s a hidden gem and most people here don´t even know what´s possible in AoC

    Secrets of Dragon?s Spine Trailer.. ! :D

    Best MMOs ever played: Ultima, EvE, SW Galaxies, Age of Conan, The Secret World

    The Return of ELITE !

  • CaldrinCaldrin Member UncommonPosts: 4,505

    AOC is probally one of the best themepark games on the market.. it had a very bad start and people do not forgive MMOs that have a bad start..

    Give the game a go its free to play so you have nothing to loose.


    PVP can be hard if your going up against someone who knows what they are doing..

  • ZenzahZenzah Member Posts: 7

    PvP is hard. If you're one of the faint of heart the AoC PvP in it's current state is not for you. I'll talk from the US servers viewpoint.

    There is the normal PvP server Tyranny. It has open world PvP but allows guards and alts so people make many toons and twink there toons there. However, the population it seems has declined and many have transfered their toons to Set the PvE server mainly to play level 80 minis.

    There is the PvE server Set. Many PvP players are there too. However there is none of the fun of world PvP in this server. And the only PvP starts at max level 80 via minigames which have increased in popping .. but if you come from a game that has loads of people and minis pop all the time .. u might be frustrated. Plus the gear level gap is pretty daunting.

    There is the PvP server Deathwish with the Bloody and Gory ruleset. No alts only one toon so choose your class wisely. No guards. Deathwish was claimed to be a fail server as many players didn't want to level up again on it and many like to have the variety of many alts to play each day. Server population declined to an extent people said it was dead.

    However it is rising again now. Many newbies entering the server and some guilds are even powerlevelling their guildies for epic level 80 seiges and stuff. If there's any time to make a toon on this server it is now. But choose your class wisely.

  • LongLivePvPLongLivePvP Member Posts: 102

    Just started a few days ago and got to level 21 on Khitai...bought the expac hehe so far its good fun. 

    Trekking to 80 now and will be killed lots of times but damn I love it!!! 

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