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Vanguard pvp

PhoebesPhoebes Member UncommonPosts: 188
Did they ever implement some form of pvp for Vanguard? .. battelgrounds .. pvp zones .. some arena type zone or area (not arenas like wow arenas .. more like eq's arena)


  • AdamantineAdamantine Member RarePosts: 4,276

    This is a dedicated PvE game.

    There was a PvP server in the past, but due to lowered population only 2 PvE servers are left (US and EU).

    We have an arena. I have neither played WoW nor EQ, so ... Also, beware you lose 10% of the money on your person if you lose.

    You can fight others anytime with the /duel command.



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  • LustmordLustmord Member UncommonPosts: 1,114
    They need to open a pvp server. I know myself, and a lot of other people would play this game if it had a world pvp ruleset.
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