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What class do you play as a main? Tell us!

xpowderxxpowderx Member UncommonPosts: 2,078

So what class do you play as your main? Tell us a bit about him/her :-D

My main just hit level 46. He is a Buccaneer. Very tough for his class. For pve I run 87 armor 86 dodge and 10 resist. For PVP I run 84 armor 96 dodge and 8 resist. I have had to save some players in pve a few times due to them not speccing correctly for his or her class. That said, El Toros a BEAST! I have lots of cool items, just most youll take a hit on your stats if you wear or use :-D

I could have been 50 along time ago. Except I do every frigging quest I can find!

I mixed up my training points in Privateer and Swashbuckler :-D

I play a alt Musketeer, he is a BLAST to play :-D


  • CIrQueCIrQue Member Posts: 1

    That's so weird, my main is also a level 46 buccaneer (and I use privateer and swashbuckler as my seconds)!  I also have never turned down a sidequest in my life.  I do think it gives me a bit of an advantage though, as when I get back to my main quests I'm often higher level than other people at the same point in the questline (and sometimes have more / higher level companions too).  Also, GOLD.  ALL THE GOLD:)


    My battle strategy is basically to have myself and Peter Quint (my firstmate) both do Shark's Fury in the first round (unless it's a really easy battle), so my crew and I basically have 150% strength.  In fact that's pretty much the only reason Quint is my first instead of my second or third: as long as he's my first, the other two companions will get to use that 150% strength bonus in the first round.  Currently my operating crew (that's what I call my top three, I don't know if there's a real term for it) are all buccaneers (level 42 Peter Quint, promoted once, level 42 Barnabus, promoted twice, and level 47 Taro Moomori, never promoted), so it's really helpful. 

    Before I got Taro, I had El Toro in his place (up to level 43, promoted once), so for him, the 150% strength wasn't as helpful unless we were up against high-strength enemies (in which case it helped protect him from crit hits a bit).  Even then, I'm not good with the low-health, low-defence swashbuckler style, and I had trouble keeping him alive.  He is FANTASTIC with Riposte 3 and Relentless, and going up against low-agility enemies with him was like a dream.  But otherwise he kept dying so much, it was annoying.  When you get to the levels where companions' bed rest can take upwards of two hours, I don't see how anyone can keep swashbucklers in their top three. 

    Anyway once I've sharked it up, I use one of my three basic strategies:

    1. For harder battles: my crew and I all attack the weakest enemy first; or, depending on the setup / exact difficulty, we split up into pairs and go after the two weakest enemies (because of things like Glancing Blow and Bladestorm, we sometimes end up accidentally starting on some of the stronger enemies as well, but that can't be helped)
    2. For more balanced battles: each crew member is sent off for a one-on-one with one of the enemies.  If one crew member defeats his or her enemy before the others, I'll send him or her to join either the nearest pair, or the one that needs the most help (if they're in range).  Usually I myself go after the strongest (if there is one strongest one in the bunch); other than that, I choose the pairs by % chance of crit hits and / or distance.
    3. For easier battles: my crew and I all attack the strongest enemy first; or, depending on the setup / exact difficulty, we split up into pairs and go after the two strongest enemies.  If it's REALLY easy, and I think it can be over in one round (like those times when you're back in Skull Island Skyway and accidentally run into a batacuda or something), I use the 'balanced battles' strategy just for efficiency.


    I think I tried PvP once when I was level 12 or something and my opponent was level 30+ I think.  It didn't go very well.  I've never tried it since.  I keep meaning to though.


    I have an alt of each class.  I got all five up to level 10 before buying a membership, and now I'm trying to max them out one by one.  So, once my buccaneer's done, my privateer will become my main, then my swashbuckler, my musketeer, and my witchdoctor. 

    I also had a lot of fun with my musketeer; I think musketeers appeal to buccaneer-types (and vice versa) because it's sort of a different approach to the same basic strategy, i.e., defence.  Privateers sort of fall into this category too because of their healing, although they're sort of a different breed.  I'm a bit worried about getting serious with my swashbuckler though.  I don't like not having strong defences to fall back on!  And I'm not entirely sure what the witchdoctors' deal is yet.  Anyway it'll probably be quite a while before I get there.  In the meantime ... maybe I'll give PvP another shot :P

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