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New to the game! Any advice?

DuilyonDuilyon Member Posts: 326

Hello!  My buddy and I needed an MMORPG to play together so we somehow ended up on this game. Seems pretty interesting. Is the game still alive? 


Is there PVP? Dungeons? I can't find too much info on what you actually do in this game.



If there are any guilds recruiting please let me know as well. I don't have our in game names yet because we are still downloading the game.



:D Thanks



  • SerebrenSerebren Member UncommonPosts: 9
    September 2012 Ryzom combined 3 servers into one. You will see people speaking German, French, Spanish, and Russian, as well as other languages. It really shok up the guilds, too, so you need to check on language for whatever guild you join.

    Another thing to check when joining a guild is their alignment - Kami, Karavan, or Neutral. This is important later in the game when you start getting levels around 200 - the best places to go are the Prime Roots, and most access and respawn nodes are faction aligned there. Neutral access to the Prime Roots is pretty restricted.

    There is not a lot of questing, but plenty of mobs to fight. As far as PVP, some parts of the Roots are PVP, and if your guild has outposts, there can be PVP fights over control of them as well.

    This is a craft-centric game though. You don't HAVE to craft, but the best items are crafted. A guild is VERY helpful in this regard, whether you craft or not (if you don't, protecting the crafters and fighting named mobs are never ending jobs).

    Good luck in Ryzom, and may you find a great guild!

  • TuyetTuyet Member Posts: 135

      Hi, you've picked a wonderful game to explore, its still alive. Its definitely a good idea to do all the training missions on Silan for players new to Ryzom before heading to the ML.

      All your actions in Ryzom can be self created, at first you just go to a trainer and purchase the actions ( skills ) and then just use them. But after a while you need to create your own actions to be more effective. Example :: you can purchase an accurate attack action for Fight action -- you can also purchase an increased damage action from fight trainer. Then you could create a Fight action that uses both Accurate Attack and Increased Damage -- but you will need to use more credits to pay for this -- basically use more Stamina or more HP -- this is very simple example and its much more complex with more options.

     With the server combination, they also changed the economy. It use to be that you could get enough Dappers (in game currency) by just selling your loot and ground craft gear. That's no longer the case -- you need to do missions from the various NPCs in the cities, tribal camps, or roaming the zones. There are delivery missions that can give enough to get by at the start and repeat every few hours if needed. But there are also kill, scout, craft, and harvest missions.

     Ryzom is definitely a craft and harvesrt oriented game. Good crafted items requiring both Harvested Mats and Looted Mats ( usually off of Named or Boss Mobs ). Both the Harvest and Craft Game mechanics are very good and at least somewhat unique.

     PvP is mainly centerd on Guild v Guild battles over Outposts. So Alliances are formed usually along Kami/Karavan/Neutral/Bandit faction lines but anyone can help either guild at a battle ( just cann't attack your own guild iirc ).

      There are some PvP zones in the PR zones but they are the lower level PR zones and players mainly only go there for treks, harvesting rare mats for craft, grind PR harvest skill, or killing Boss's/Name's. Although you can attack anyone in those zones, its rarely done and would probably just make some real enemies. There is one exception to this however, there are 2 SuperNode areas in the PVP PR zones -- these have the most of the best Harvested Mats in the game -- but even there Harvesters rarely attack one another, its problamatic enough dealing with the wildlife in the area, but if relations between alliances or guilds break down, its a good place to take revenge.

      There is also Duel PvP available, usually done by friends to practice and the winner usually just rezzes the loser. There is an arena for groups to PvP one another, once again usually just a place for groups to practice tactics for Outpost PvP. There is tagged PvP, where you turn a PvP flag on, and anyone  of the opposite faction with there flag turned on can attack you anywhere -- groups of Kami can arrange to fight groups of Karavan say around a City for fun.

      As for joining a guild, you should probably wait till you have completed Silan training, got a feel for wether you want to go Kami or Karavan faction or neutral or bandit ( think not available now after the server merge ).

      Ryzom is mainly exploring new areas ( which includes trekking to new lands ), mission running for Dappers or faction fame, Killing stuff to level Fight and Magic Skills, Harvesting to raise Harvest skills, Leveling Craft skills with Mats from Looting or Harvesting ( usually almost all Harvesting Mats after level 100 or so ), and some OP PvP if you choose to get involved in that and you can prob do so at lev 80 Heal Magic skill and feel like you are contributing ( even with just lev1 skill if you are willing to just be an untagged out of combat scout).

      Ryzom's strong points are the Harvest, Craft, self created action system, and wildlife interaction.

  • TymoraTymora Member UncommonPosts: 1,312


    I'm going to check out Ryzom again.    I remember Ryzom from when it was first released, and it was very exciting and seemed to be very open-ended, however, the launch bugs and problems with the game thereafter had led to me quitting.

    I'm interested to see how the game is now.  Anyone still playing or just starting out care to add some comments or advise to a new player, I would greatly appreciate it.


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