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Stop insulting Ragnarok Online!!!

dot_boydot_boy Member Posts: 24


ok these are the rules for this poll: 1.if the ro fans win [question a, and b] then you haters have to leave this
board and stop flaming. 2. if the haters win then i will leave this site

-I LOVE FF moogles


  • killerTwinkiekillerTwinkie Member CommonPosts: 1,694

    Okay, I have just been given light to this subject.

    1) If you have a problem with the game, please give solid reasons as to why.

    2)If you like the game please give solid reasons as to why.

    3) NEVER make fun of another user, or use EXTREME profanity, yeah, you know what im talking about.

    I will be watching these forums because the problems that happened here were unchecked, now, they will be.


    KillerTwinkie - That one guy who used to mod's forums.

  • Ranma13Ranma13 Member Posts: 747

    I played the game and paid for a month but got bored and stopped playing before the month was up. I created a thief with tons of AGI and DEX (I think) and I got up to about level 15 or so. The reason why I quit was because:

    1. As a novice class, it is INCREDIBLY hard to level up. You can only kill a few critters before having to sit down and recover life.

    2. It takes a really long time to recover life while sitting and constitutes way too much downtime, considering how often you die and have to recover life. All the priests I've met charge zeny for a heal and pots are too expensive as a novice class to purchase, so it's kind of a lose-lose situation and you're forced to sit and wait.

    3. When I finally got past the novice class hurdle, I became a thief after an incredibly long and arduous trek through that stupid pyramid. I must have died about 30 times before I made it through, and after I collected the mushrooms it musta took me another 20 tries or so to make it through again so I can give the quest NPC the mushrooms. Don't know what collecting mushrooms has to do with becoming a thief, but anyways...I heard the thief class change was the hardest one to do and the other ones are easier.

    4. Sometimes I experienced crazy lag, to the point where I'd click on the ground fervently and my character wouldn't respond for 10+ seconds. This didn't happen too often though, but often enough to lead to a few unwarranted deaths.

    5. The community is pretty bad. I couldn't even hold a conversation with anyone because either the wares spammers would clog up the screen or there'll be people somewhere holding a virtual pissing contest whether their character could 'pwn' the other character or some silly thing like that. In the end I didn't make any friends because either people would ignore me when I try to say a simple 'hi' or they'd say 'hi' back and then just walk away.

    6. As a thief, I had absolutely no active skills, only passive ones. All combat was for me was hold left mouse button on enemy, wait till dead, repeat until I was bored out of my skull.

    7. As a thief, I couldn't make much money, because...I don't know, but I couldn't. I bought pots to keep myself alive but I either broke even or lost some zeny, but I never gained much. I heard knights make zeny though since they have high VIT.

    8. Prices are extremely bloated, I was using pretty much close-to-newbie equipment at level 15 because everything was so unaffordable.

    9. Engrish all over the place. I know the game is originally Korean but it's pretty annoying to read NPC speech and be barely able to comprehend it because it's so badly translated.

    10. Armor doesn't show up on your body, only things that you wear on your head and face show up on your character. It took me a while to recognize what the different classes were because they almost look the same and use the same color palettes (brownish) and is pretty dull to look at.

    Ok, to balance it out a bit, here's what I did like:

    1. The graphics, though simple, was effective and looked pretty nice.

    2. Monster design was pretty interesting, even though they pretty much only do one attack over and over. I thought the porings were especially interesting since they would steal drops off the ground and you'd have to kill them to get it back, though sometimes it got really annoying when too many porings were around and I had to kill every one of them just to get my drops back.

    3. NPC vending is a decent idea, though having so many people sitting in the same area vending sort of defeats the purpose. I like how you can plant yourself in an area and have a 'sign' above your head and others can buy.

    4. Ok, this is not really a point that I like, but others do. Some people think the music is great, has a lot of interesting techno beats and relaxing songs as well.

    5. I liked the emote bubbles that would pop up over your head. It seems more effective than just having your character do an emote.

    6. Combat number popped up in a nice-looking way. Other MMORPGs tend to just slap on some numbers written in Arial in the color red and it looks out of place, but RO's damage numbers look like they belong there.

  • dot_boydot_boy Member Posts: 24

    [admin' please lock thread]

    -I LOVE FF moogles

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