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Gameforge EU support request, how can they be so thick?

evemaster00evemaster00 Member Posts: 171

I bought 10 euros of cash shop money but then changed my mind and asked for a refund. I did not spend any

My ticket:

Hi, i purchased 10 euros worth of cash shop currency for Aion. I've changed my mind about the purchase for now, I would like to cancel it and be refunded. I haven't received the cash shop currency yet, and I will not spend it if I do, please cancel/remove the cash shop currency and refund the payment.


Gameforge reply:

After checking the problem we could not find any errors. According to our database everything is ok and your order is working correctly. Shouldn't you find the premium in your game account within 24 hours please answer again on this ticket.


Epic fail?


  • glofishglofish Member UncommonPosts: 346

    cash is not refundable simple as that - buyer's beware is the rule and just because some stores may offer a refund you realize that is the exeption rather than the norm


    next time think before opening the wallet


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