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I, For one...

...Think this game looks FANTASTIC. I will certainly be playing in CBT!


  • iRelsiRels Member Posts: 14
    You're not alone, dood. xD
  • TekkamanTekkaman Member UncommonPosts: 158

    Personally I'm playing Einherjar and enjoying it a little more because it is more in depth on a larger scale, but this game's action makes the turn based system seem almost real time hahaha.



  • LionnoLionno Member Posts: 6
    What are you talking about?  That  Einherjar game is nothing like this game!  Einherjar has no players, and it's just a crappier evony clone with more engrish.
  • GrinnzGrinnz Member UncommonPosts: 312
    can't wait for this game myself, reminding me of the FF Tactics/Tactics: Orge Battle days!
  • HeroEvermoreHeroEvermore Member Posts: 672
    Can't wait for this game. Huge FFT fan!

    Hero Evermore
    Guild Master of Dragonspine since 1982.
    Playing Path of Exile and deeply in love with it.

  • CarnageBredCarnageBred Member Posts: 2
    Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep, ... going to play this one... actually excited, wonder how it will work out as multiplayer though...
  • NonderyonNonderyon Member UncommonPosts: 189
    looks interesting, but Disgaea online would be better when existed :P
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