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IGA guild is recruiting.

django-djangodjango-django Member Posts: 115


Hi Guys, 

i have seen a lot of posts from new players looking for a decent guild and not knowing really where to turn. 

We are looking for more members in IGA, which is a guild that started off in Second Life and has turned to Age of Wushu to start another chapter in another MMO.

We run guild escorts as a group, run instances together and will help anyone out where it is needed. We have members who are dedicated crafters, like myself and are happy to create any weapons, armour, pills and anything else you may need, without having to spend any unbound silver.

Members need to be somewhat respectful towards other people, as we don't look too highly upon trash-talking. We have some strong alliances across the game, which keep us protected in some areas.

We are not a big guild, but are looking for members to help the guild grow and become something big.

If you’re interested in having fun as a group and to get some help in Age of Wushu, then please PM I and I'll happily invite anyone to the guild. Our members are all friendly and span across the globe.


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