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New MMORPG for Iphone? need help

BadwhitedudeBadwhitedude Member Posts: 2

I dont know if the post was even made, if so i apologize for inconviences.  However i am looking for a MMORPG for iphone that has of the following.  Storyline, status attribute to different status such as str, agi, wis, and such, and ability to dual wield. 

It seem that they havent made anything like that yet. however i would even try out any rpg that grant those wishes.

Thank you for your time, hope i will hear from you soon.


PS, yes im picky lol dont be frighten i wont bite..unless you troll me. lol


  • SaintGrayeSaintGraye Member UncommonPosts: 109

    Try any of the following...

    The World of Magic
    Anime-inspired graphics may lack appeal for certain gamers, but it otherwise meets most of your criteria and is certainly among the premier "MMO" titles on the platform. Best of all, it's free.

    Order & Chaos
    Widely considered the "best" of the MMOs on the iPhone, it's essentially a passable World of Warcraft clone. $6.99 but, according to most reviews, well worth the price.

    Fully 3D graphics, a relatively fast-paced action combat system and many standard MMO features make this one worthy of some consideration, although it can be quite daunting at times due not to any inherent challenge, but mere imbalanced design. It has the advantage over Order & Chaos, however, of being free.
    ...wish I could supply you with more options, mate, but the pickings are slim. There are others, of course, Empire Online and Pocket Legends to name a few, but they barely qualify as MMOs and tend to be weighted down by more bugs, complications, dull mechanics and monetization schemes than merits your time.

  • ShrillyShrilly Member UncommonPosts: 421
    what about android?
  • BadwhitedudeBadwhitedude Member Posts: 2
    thank you very much that was bit helpful. i tried pocket legend and it was not what i was expecting.... let me know if there is more.
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