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Defiance: Set for April 2nd Release



  • xSyngexxSyngex Member Posts: 44
    Originally posted by Arcona
    Originally posted by Bojman
    I'd like to know when co-op games became classified as MMO's...


    lots and lots of mmorpgs dont have PvP.

    wha? who said anything about pvp? It is not a MMO . Check this , I log into the game run around with you, log out, log back in, I can not find you again because we are now on differnt servers. 

  • oreal52oreal52 Member UncommonPosts: 79
    Defiance is probably the best MMORPG going to be released in this year! One love !
  • xSyngexxSyngex Member Posts: 44
    Defiance is NOT an MMO. Why MMORPG.com has it listed as such is all about money.
  • mactographymactography Member Posts: 16
    Yeah trash like World of tanks is 15v15 and classed as an mmo now cause people log in to a main system. God that means AOL was ana MMO back in the day!
  • LorelLorel Member UncommonPosts: 45

    Love the bit on the "What is Defiance" overview site it says available on Desktop (PC)


    So I guess if you are a laptop lover then you can't play :P

  • DerrosDerros Member UncommonPosts: 1,216

    So....people are saying its not a mmo because it's combat system is a First/Third person shooter, rather than tab targeting and button mashing?


    Because it does have an open world with lots of people running around doing different things, quests to do, crafting to do, pvp in different parts of the world map, really seems like a MMO to me.

  • BadOrbBadOrb Member UncommonPosts: 791

    I think it is an MMO , even so I'm not sure why Phantasy star online or phantasy star universe aren't listed on this site. i played PSo for 4 years and PSU for about 7 years and both are MMO's.

    I'm probably going to wait until after defiance comes out and then buy it , maybe cheaper or not buy it if it gets bad reviews. I normally like to start MMO's the day they come out but money is tight and i might want alien colonial marines first , considering ive waited about 15- 18 years for it's release.



    PSO 4 years , EQOA 4 months , PSU 7 years , SWTOR launch ongoing , PSO2 SEA launch ongoing , Destiny 360 launch ongoing.
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