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Dispelling some myths



  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,376
    Originally posted by fallenlords
    Originally posted by Po_gg
    Originally posted by fallenlords

    It's not just the voice acting it's the script, it's laughable.  Rolled an illuminati yesterday, ends up in some female bosses office.  Where she tells me she is multitasking and she 'f*ing loves old school hip hop'.  

    And what's wrong with old-school hip-hop? I mean I'd pick the 70-80's rock / progr.rock personally, but if KG (Kirsten Geary, the afforementioned "some female boss") likes hip-hop, that's her choice... Btw she's a great character :)

    Well depends if you are suppose to take these people seriously or view them as a bunch of muppets playing at Secret Societies.   Because they come across as a bunch of muppets playing at Secret Societies.

    To be honest, I usually don't take them dead serious (especially KG with her fun facts and 'Ciao' 'xoxo' messages :) ). And since the game areas are crowded with anima-users, no wonder the secret societies aren't so secret anymore in the world, maybe due to muppet management :).

    I personally like the npc interaction, it's mostly well-written and funny. And for Boone (the cowboy), he's more than a bean-cooking dude with a rifle - at least according to Wolf...

  • RandaynRandayn Member UncommonPosts: 904
    Originally posted by Ulorik
    Originally posted by fallenlords

    From what I have heard so far the voice acting is totally emotionless, like they have been asked to read a script but not been told the context or the part they are to play.  Like they have no real clue how what they are saying is fitting into the general story that is trying to be told.    It's flat and monotone.  Not the actors fault by any stretches of the imagination, the fault is with the direction. 


    [mod edit]

    If there is one game with excellent cutscenes and voice acting its TSW. My guess is that you haven't made the effort to play through many of the missions, just play through the two egyptian maps and then come back.

    Comments like this really piss me off.

    same...this is the only MMORPG I have ever not been able to skip a cutscene on because they are all some of the best.

    Methinks you stopped at London and never even continued to New England....

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