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[The Bastion] The True Lords of the Sith is Recruiting US Empire PVP

PeterfragonPeterfragon Member UncommonPosts: 1

The True Lords of the Sith

Empire PvE/PVP

The True Lords of the Sith is a multi-gaming community that has been around in some form or another since 2003 and is now recruiting on The Bastion US PVP Server. We are an Empire aligned, PVE centric guild with members who have multiple backgrounds in gaming. We are a casual guild just as much as we are a hardcore Ops guild. We also have guild PVP groups that run warzones regularly, so there is something for everyone here.


Our goal is simple; enjoy the game while pushing ourselves to clear endgame Ops content, Flashpoints, Questing, Leveling our Mains and our Alts as well.


A person’s experience in a guild can have a dramatic effect on their perception of an MMO and MMO’s in general. We strive to make our community welcoming and fun for everyone involved, we don’t have A raid group or a B group. We give everyone equal opportunity to be involved in the end game when they are ready.


MMO’s are more fun when you have a great group of friends to play with.


Our community ranges in age from young adults to the mid 30’s and geographically spans the globe (most are adults living in the USA). We all have jobs, families or college like obligations, and therefore we support the reality that life has priority over game. 


We are Currently Running EV, EC and KP in both Story and Hard Modes.


We currently have a peak time group 7PM CST to 11PM CST and a late night group 12AM CST to 4AM CST


I encourage anyone that is looking to join a mature group of players and is looking to make new friends and generally have a good time while gaming to come pay a visit to our site and if you are feeling it, fill out an app. 


Stable Community

Vent VoIP

Great Website

Active Forums

Very Helpful Members

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