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The game is not happening

THQ is bankrupt. On January 22nd 2013 an auction was held, and Vigil games (who did Wh40K: DMO) was not aquired. All employes were laid off.


  • SwankdSwankd Member UncommonPosts: 237
    sad to read things like this just because the judge thought their sales weren't "aggressive" enough


  • ikarrianikarrian Member Posts: 122
    Might be good news that Sega bought Relic studio, So we will see more Warhammer titels in future :)
  • NatasKhanNatasKhan Member Posts: 2

    You should read into it more


    On January 28, 2013, Crytek started a new studio called Crytek USA in Austin, Texas consisting of the 35 former Vigil Games employees.[3]


    not all of them but a few of them went to Crytek so maybe it will have more FPS aspects then TPS?

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