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Trials of Ascension

TehniqTehniq Member Posts: 2

Looking for a hardcore sandbox MMO? Tired of grinding your way to the end game, just to start grinding again? Remember when you played your first good MMO, how you were amazed by the mechanics, the exploration and the social interaction? 

Well, I discovered Trials of Ascension recently and I'm amazed by its' potential. Some of the game features include:

- Classless game, just pick the skills you want to be good at and practice them. There are currently 35 skills slated for development.

- Crafting items will not use the tired old 'combine, click, created' method. Nearly every item will require a multi-step process, each of which may offer the crafter options to enhance the item based on the techniques he has learned.

- Innovations. Every time your character uses a skill there is a chance she will receive an innovation. An innovation is the sudden discovery -- available to only your character (once you discover something it is actually removed from everyone elses list of discoverable innovations)-- of how to enhance a craftable item, how to create a new item altogether, or a new skill technique.

- Combat. Combat in ToA will be non-consentual, meaning you will be able to attack anyone without them needing to be flagged for PvP. Use this freedom wisely as there will be no 'conning' system to determine combat prowess of others and if your character dies too many times its soul becomes too weak and the icy cold hand of perma-death will take him forever.

- Magic. Wish to delve into the arcane arts? Prepare yourself for a journey that will be as long and costly as it will be dangerous. You must craft your own spell book, come to learn arcane symbology, explore the world in search of rare components and dare to disturb powerful arcane creatures. That's just to get your first spell, which will be a weak version of what you can ehance it to.

- Settlements. Create your own settlement and control tax rates and where your citizens can build their own private homes or shops. Oversee the construction of settlement structures such as a treasury, town hall, walls and even keeps. Ensure your citizens are protected by hiring NPC guards and assign them to guard whatever areas you wish.

- Structures. Players will be able to build structures ranging from a small wooden house to the largest of stone keeps. Building a structure is an involved process that will take significant resources and is sure to keep many talented craftsmen busy around the clock.

It's just a project at the moment, ready to hit Kickstarter soon, and now is the time to actually shape the game experience. The developers are in constant dialog with the community, so come to the forums, take a look at core concepts, voice your opinion and let's help ToA be that MMO we are all waiting for.

Here is the ToA page on mmorpg, it has pretty high hype, 11th in the hype list atm. Here are some of the amazing features ToA is all about, and here are the forums. See you there!

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