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Zealot Gaming - Worldwide Multi-Gaming Community

IsaihaIsaiha Member Posts: 14

Zealot Gaming is a large, Multi-gaming, worldwide clan community. Being only just over 3 years old, it has grown exponentially hailing around 500 members with high activity rate, making Zealot Gaming a great community to be apart of. The main language of the clan is English, but consists of many members from around the world; speaking, writing, and understanding English is highly recommended for all members of Zealot Gaming.

We currently support over 8 Gaming Divisions that vary in genre and competitive play. While we certainly accept and provide support to Competitive Players and Teams, it is not an immediate focus of our community.

Elder Scrolls Online
We are hoping to start up a CORE Elder Scrolls Online Group with passionate and active members of the elder scrolls universe planning to play this game alot. We will be needing members AND leaders to help recruit, grow, manage, and run another large portion of a huge online gaming community.

So reply below to show your interest and register on our forums! We plan to be a Top Guild on whatever server we end up on not just by in-game achievements, but in terms of Quality of Guild, Atmosphere and Environment, Guild Culture, and Highly organized website, teamspeak, and media services.

For More Information on Zealot Gaming, Continue Reading, Otherwise skip to the end where it says "How To Join"

Mission Statement

The mission of Zealot Gaming is to provide and continually develop a fun and friendly gaming atmosphere for its members through creating a strong community setup, engaging members through activities and events, and providing more avenues to game with like-minded gamers. We aim to encourage respectful behavior from all members toward each other and non-members alike, and instill the core values of loyalty, integrity, and zeal in all of our members.

Requirements to Join:
  • Be Active on website forums and in the game
  • Be 15 years old or over
  • Join our TeamSpeak 3 Server. Xfire and STEAM are also additional options
  • Respect other gamers and clan members!
A list of things we offer:
  • An organized and easy to navigate website
  • Forums to meet other gamers, discuss your favorite games, arrange game nights and tournaments, etc.
  • A wide range of games that we support, so you would always have someone to play with
  • Dedicated leadership and support to provide you a quality gaming experience and the resources for that
  • Competitive Team Play; Find teams you can join and/or practice with to get better
  • A friendly and mature atmosphere
  • A structured Gaming community that revolves around you, the gamers
Zealot Gaming Games:
  • League of Legends (North American Division)
  • League of Legends (EU West Division)
  • League of Legends (EU Nordic & East Division)
  • HearthStone
  • Counterstrike Global Offensive
  • RIFT (Wolfsbane Server)
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic (Shadowlands Server)
  • Loadout
  • Warframe
  • Elder Scrolls Online
Zealot Gaming Casual:

In Zealot Gaming, there are a multitude of games that perhaps a small group of members will play together or on their own. Some of these games are as follows
  • Diablo 3
  • Minecraft
  • FireFall
  • Blacklight Retribution
  • Planetside 2
  • DOTA 2
  • Various Steam Games
How to Join:

To Register and Apply to Zealot Gaming, visit us at

Registering involves creating a forum account on our website so you are able to chat with your fellow Zealot Gaming members about all your favorite games, strategies, streams, etc. Please create a username using our tag [zG]

The Application involves filling out a form giving us the necessary information in order to decide whether or not your the type of gamer we want in our community. Users that fill out the application HONESTLY and FULLY generally get accepted more then their counterparts. Information that is required includes how you heard about us, what sort of expectations you have, and what gaming division you would like to be apart of.

After Registering and filling out that Application, it should take no more than 1 week to get a response from a Zealot Gaming Divisional Officer or Administrator. In order to ensure you receive a response quickly, please provide us your Best Method of Contact and the times we can contact you.

Thanks for checking us out and hopefully we will see you become the next Zealot Gaming member! Have Fun!


  • Ro.HavocRo.Havoc Member Posts: 2
    I would like to join :)
  • IsaihaIsaiha Member Posts: 14
    Originally posted by Ro.Havoc
    I would like to join :)

    awesome to hear! Go ahead and register/apply on our website listing "Other Game" as the Main Game of choice as Elder Scrolls has not officially started until Beta comes.

  • Darkvirtue82Darkvirtue82 Member Posts: 1
    Originally posted by Isaiha
    Originally posted by Ro.Havoc
    I would like to join :)

    awesome to hear! Go ahead and register/apply on our website listing "Other Game" as the Main Game of choice as Elder Scrolls has not officially started until Beta comes.

    I have registered and applied on the website, very excited to hopefully join the community.  You all seem to have a solid group of members and leadership and beleive you will do great.  Thanks again for this recruitment post.

  • IsaihaIsaiha Member Posts: 14
    Thanks So much! We look forward to developing an exciting and close active community. Pretty soon we will be deciding what Faction to be involved in. We now have a Guild Setup on Tamriel Foundry! Come join up!
  • IsaihaIsaiha Member Posts: 14
    We are now on Tamriel Foundry with a group up, so if you plan on registering and applying on our website, hop on over there and search out guild to join up! Also we continue to look for more active and mature members to join us!
  • LeonGamingLeonGaming Member Posts: 1
    Created an account just to reply in this thread letting you guys know i applied. If I am lucky enough to be accepted I look forward to getting to know you guys in the coming years.
  • IsaihaIsaiha Member Posts: 14
    great! I will take a look at the application and will contact you!
  • IsaihaIsaiha Member Posts: 14
    Hello, it's been awhile since my last post but wanted to let every1 know we are still seeking more members for a core group going into the BETA and beyond. We are now voting on a alliance to be apart of. Visit our website and fill out an application. If you have questions, message [zG]Isaiha on
  • IsaihaIsaiha Member Posts: 14
    Beta is upon the horizon! Sign up and join us as we test and experience the game pre-release
  • UsyllesUsylles Member Posts: 2
    We have beta invites and are looking for people to join us!
  • IsaihaIsaiha Member Posts: 14
    Zealot Gaming just updated it's website with a new homepage/theme. Check it out at
  • IsaihaIsaiha Member Posts: 14

    Greetings everyone it has been some time since my last reply. Well, we are indeed heavily recruiting for this game now that Launch is upon us in April.

    Please do consider joining us!

  • IsaihaIsaiha Member Posts: 14
    Launch is upon us! Help us get a good start in ESO! Sign up today at
  • hail2dathiefhail2dathief Member UncommonPosts: 232
    Can someone move this to the right place please...this is the general discussion forums not the guild recruitment forums.  I wouldn't join your guild based on your lack of observation and common sense lol


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