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What content is coming out this month?

might give the game a third look, what content are they putting out for january?


  • augustgraceaugustgrace Member UncommonPosts: 628

    Just announced veteran's rewards for subs, account wide vanity unlocks, new clothing options have been released

    Next issue features new aux weapon (possibly related to travel), time travel and a fight on a moving train, aimed for Feb.

    Hopefully Tokyo expansion would be next

  • Rthuth434Rthuth434 Member Posts: 346
    when does it come out?
  • OrtwigOrtwig Member UncommonPosts: 1,163

    Here's the latest on Issue 6:


    It should be hitting sometime in January, but no solid dates yet.

  • OrtwigOrtwig Member UncommonPosts: 1,163
    Originally posted by Ortwig

    Here's the latest on Issue 6:


    It should be hitting sometime in January, but no solid dates yet.

    Also, some pretty big news regarding account unlocks for pets in the store as well as a new veterans reward system -- both due to come out with Issue 6:


  • SwobyJSwobyJ Member Posts: 80

    Issue #6 is coming February. January was... busy for Funcom, in other areas.


    But yes, lots for Issue #6! :D

  • OrtwigOrtwig Member UncommonPosts: 1,163

    Here's the official word from Joel on issue 6 -- we'll be seeing it in February:


    The Issue #6 DLC, primarily set in Egypt, sees the player working with the Marya against the cultists of Abdel Daoud. The player learns the location of a prison, where Maryan captives are taken and tortured by the Atenists. Infiltrating the prison reveals information to the player about an Atenist plot to cause a second event on the scale of Tokyo. The player must race against time (and through time) to prevent the event from occurring!

    Issue #6 will also see the return of the characters Said, Nassir and Zhara, as well as the villainous Abdel Daoud. Through the events of the issue, players will also gain access to the newest Auxiliary weapon, the whip. More details on the whip and its abilities as the DLC gets closer to launch.

    Players will also see new features in Issue #6, including improved Cabal management functionality. New functionality will include things like Cabal logs, custom ranks and permissions, notes and a cabal news feed. We see this as the first step in improving the cabal system in The Secret World and we will continue to listen to our community and make improvements based upon their feedback.

    PvP will also see some new updates in Issue #6 including a revamped matchmaking system and PvP ranks. More details will be available in a developer blog in the coming weeks.

    As I mentioned in a forum post, we have always been looking at ways to improve the value of the subscription for our players. One of these initiatives is the Veteran Reward System. As players spend time with The Secret World, they gain veteran points, which can then be spent at in-game store to purchase both cosmetic and convenience items. Here is a list of some of the veteran rewards that you can expect to see:

    • Automatic Item Repair Consumables
    • Portable Combat Dummy with Feedback
    • Veteran Outfits
    • Veteran Pets
    • Veteran Titles
    • Mission Cooldown Removal Consumables
    • Portable Bank/Tradepost/Mail Consumables
    • ... and many more to come.

    The first iteration of the Veteran System should be available in Issue #6.

    In addition to the Veteran System, we are also going to sweeten the deal for members and Grandmaster account holders by allowing them 48 hour early access to the DLC content.

    As you can see, the plans for The Secret World are as ambitious as ever. The development of the game continues to be a priority and there is plenty of story left to come!


    Joel Bylos

    Game Director


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