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Don't waster your time with these guys.

I was very active on the original Earthrise forums and beta. I signed up on the EFI forums. My first two posts were edited or deleted. I was simply asking questions in a polite manner.

I have posted 1000's of times on other forums and never been edited or deleted once.

The devs or moderators at EFI simply don't understand how a free exchange of ideas on a forum can help a game in development.

I wish them success but will not waste my time in trying to help them make a success.



  • DarkcrystalDarkcrystal Member UncommonPosts: 963

    This has happen to alot of vet players as well, I had it happen twice, which is a joke, I was an alpha tester and closed beta, I even paid for time in advance, and they screwed me, lucky my bank got it back, the new company I bet is the old company but with some  of the devs taking over, because ask them what they made, and they dodge the question.


    Its prolly some old devs and there friends, I bet any money, I told Masterhead when they had the game to make Iphone games before making the big dog Mmo, its funny they are now, I been in the gaming industry for years making games i'm not a know it all, but I know enough, when a company acts this way on there forums, you know who they are and what they can do.


    They edit everyone post   if you mention any game at all..... They edit it if you ask simple questions.. Its sad really, that game is already doomed, they had a very small fan base as it was, and they made it real small now.. Not very smart...

  • PhlaccPhlacc Member UncommonPosts: 42


    I'm not saying you guys are wrong, but why base your opinion on a game because of your forum expirence? WHat about the game itself?


    I don't care if I'm banned for just saying hello on the forums, I'm not gonna tell people the games isn't good because of it LOL


    And  you say you are in the "games industry", but as what?  Do you work in the mail room, a dev, a web designer?

  • zepoxizepoxi Member Posts: 5

    I'm currently in the Alpha and the game is far from finished and optimized. I've also been very active on their forums and have yet to see a post deleted, moderated yes, deleted, no.

    If you can't give the devs a chance how on earth will they ever get any respect as a company.

  • mo0rbidmo0rbid Member Posts: 363

    yeah I've experienced something similar as OP


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