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I wonder sometimes what the point of this site is, yes we discuss the same aspects of mmo's repeatedly,.  We also have reviews and articles, but to me they feel slightly behind the times, and very regularly, hugely byest.  I never get the sense of an independent or truthful reflection on a game.  

Now over the years I have also had my bans; on a couple of occasions when I deserved it; but on a couple of occasions when it has been a slightly over-zealous adminstration of the rules.  When I have argued the latter I have received an insultingly dismissive response, which frankly I think is an inappriate way to treat customers- but at that point I am 'banned' so about as popular as a fart in a lift, and my my opportunities for complaint are zero.   

MY general point is, I get the impression that mmorpg.com has become a commercial concern, and has lost its initial purpose.   That is sad tbh.  

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