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New Free to play changes to VG.



  • BenediktBenedikt Member UncommonPosts: 1,406
    Originally posted by Wraithone
    Originally posted by Benedikt
    torgir, tsabohavoc:
    *.... must .... keep .... it .... must .... not ....comment ....on their .... posts*
    sorry folks I am not able to keep away from commenting, so here it is: thank you that you dont like the f2p changes. i really dont want to meat people like you in the game.

    you got almost everything possible for free and you are bitching that it is not enough? give me a break

    From what I've seen its a decent enough system. I played the game for awhile years back (near to launch) and then a few years after that. It seems fairly entertaining, but it was a ghost town the last time I tried it.

    What type of meat are you planning to use on people in the game? I prefer beef, but it doesn't hold up well... ^^

    dinosaur meat - whole leg with a bone

    (ok i did corrected that typo :) )

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