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CCP Unifex blog: changing the way EVE is developed

MalcanisMalcanis Member UncommonPosts: 3,297

Some big implications in this blog about the way they're going to approach developing EVE. Very positive change IMO, and a step away from the old model where glaring issues were neglected for years because it "wasn't their turn yet".

If anyone's worried that CCP have put EVE on the back burner, this should put their fears to rest.

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  • mmoskimmoski Member Posts: 282
    Yeah its nice to see EvE continue to grow and just get better as time evolves, EvE will pretty much stand the test of time as they have the market cornerd for this type of game and years of development behiend it.
  • BoardwalkerBoardwalker Member UncommonPosts: 388
    The first years of EVE were more about surviving and throwing in features to fill up a fairly sparse framework. I expect that the next 10 years will follow a vision that goes beyond just surviving and is more about enhancing the player experience in meaningful ways and iterating on the existing framework.

    They can adjust a game all day, but they can't help the issue between the keyboard and the chair.
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