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3 million copies sold since august general consensus so far



  • Gaia_HunterGaia_Hunter Member UncommonPosts: 3,065
    Originally posted by superniceguy
    Originally posted by Gaia_Hunter
    Originally posted by superniceguy
    Originally posted by Gaia_Hunter
    Originally posted by superniceguy

    I use Xfire and it has its problems, but it works better than Raptr and other similar tools, and does everything all in one.

    If you believe GW2 has 3 million players then you should believe Xfire has 22 million users. it is the same thing.

    22 million or so people who have used Xfire may or may not now use it

    3 million people who have bought GW2 may or may not now play it.

    Xfire is the best guide for PLAYERS, and is better than assuming it still has the 3 mllion purchasers, but it does not show EXACT numbers, and that is what the main problem is



    GW2 has 3 million purchasers and has 3 million potential users at any time.

    Yeah same with Xfire, although 22 million, and has more potential for more, as it is free.

    On that theory SWTOR has the potential for more than 2.5 million players, considering people can play it without paying anything, and chances are the people playing it now are more likely not the 2 million that quit before F2P, but the remaining 8 million potentail WOW players who sat on the fence at its release

    Xfire stats are not accurate but they are closer estimate than the 3 million figure

    You mean 3000 players?

    Or 2/3 of WoW population?

    Or 20% of 3 millions?


    You obviosuly do not know how to read it

    It certainly does not have 3000 players, and if you think that is what we are saying then no wonder you think it is not any good

    So do you have a number (or a range) or is your number "not 3 millions"?

    And if you have a number what is your base to derive it?


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  • IPolygonIPolygon Member UncommonPosts: 707
    Impressive, you are still arguing about xfire numbers and how they correlate to official numbers, although it is irrelevant.
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