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Does torchlight 2 have good customization unlike PoE?

CitalssCitalss Member Posts: 28
In poe it's gender locked and appearance locked.


  • GengeleGengele Member Posts: 9
    Not really, for each of the 4 classes you can choose from you can pick gender and from about 5 different faces and 10 hairstyles and I belive skin/hair color aswell. So it's better than nothing but I wouldn't call it a strong point.
  • ShakyMoShakyMo Member CommonPosts: 7,207
    very strong customisation in how you build your character though.  want to be a range dps engineer even though its the "tank class", mant to make a melee embermage even though its a "ranged nuker", want to make a pet horde summon out of the bezerker the supposed "mdps class", sure you can do all of thoose things.  Much more variety in playstyle on each class than say diablo 3.
  • jpnolejpnole Member UncommonPosts: 1,672

    I recommend TL2. It's way less of a grind than PoE!

  • EzhaeEzhae Member UncommonPosts: 730
    You can pick gender and there is like 5 or so options for face/hair and of course you can pick what your pet looks. Might be more with mods, haven't really looked into those yet. 
  • kadepsysonkadepsyson Member UncommonPosts: 1,919
    Originally posted by Citalss
    In poe it's gender locked and appearance locked.

    Hey if you have a question about Torchlight 2 you could post your topic in the Torchlight 2 forum subsection.

    If you just wanted to troll the POE forum though that's your call.

    But yeah, if you weren't just being a dick here is the link:

  • Crunchy222Crunchy222 Member CommonPosts: 386

    Also, in POE there are no pants in the game.  Some have default leg coverings, some have bare legs.  No pant gear slot and no way to cover those legs if you go marauder or templar...witch too i think

    Severly lacking in this department.


    On top of very boring combat.


    What you can do with the items, meaning theres a lot of item manipulation be it changing a normal rarity to a rare item, rerolling special stats, increasing quality levels, reforging gem slots, relinking gem slots that are the strongpoint in the game.

    Im not really a huge fan of the passive skill tree, which mostly consists of a lot of small stat boosts, as well as effect boosts, theres very few interesting skills that completely change the character, and those that are there, are spaced pretty far out fromt he starting location, meaning your whole build is going to be based on it.  Theres also some really lame looking ones on there that are both far out on the tree and seemingly useless, ones that will do something awesome to how your character works with a really massive downside.  I think one was a massive life leech bonus with the negative effect you never regen HP and cant use flasks.  Others will remove mana consumption but use your life instead.  One converts all evasion to armor which might be usefull.  

    I really hate the gender locked classes, however, your typically able to find one of the "hybrid" classes that starts near where you really want to be.

    I had that issue with wanted a male ranger, so i picked shadow, put most into dex and went a bit out of my way ect.  Problem is i would be a far better ranger had i just chose the ranger chick..


    IMO this is the least of their issues.  Poor combat mechanics, a boring skill system that seems to have everyone using the same handfull of skills, as well as making your skills gems that socket into gear, making some great drops unusable with your build, simply because they dont have the right socket composition, and while you can roll the dice on the socket configuration, its very random.  Sometimes getting one awesome piece of gear will make you have to totally regear just so you can use your skills in the way you want.  Really i think passives only should be socket gems.


    Combat is the big issue they need to address, however, i can imagine that from open beta forward all their efforts will be on pumping out new acts (granted they make enough money to go beyond the planned 3 acts)

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