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Dear MMORPG deinterlace your video's before uploading them.


I was watching an interview mmorpog did , the one for neverwinter to be specific. 

I saw the video was interlaced when you uploaded it. Youtube didn't deinterlace your video. The video looks stripey and ugly .

I'm sure you all know how to do deinterlace , but if you're unsure I'd recomend an avisynth script. It yields the best results on affordable hardware and is free to boot. The high end deinterlacers using motion compensation do use a serious amount of cpu. Look for mcbob or mvbob or any recent incarnation of those if you are willing to take the time to make it look as good as possible. Else any old deinterlacer except for double frame rate will do the trick just fine. It will be better than what's on there now.


I'm not sure this has been happening consistently . If it has , you should seriously consider fixing this retroactively. If it's any consolation you are not the only ones messing up on this btw.


Thank you for reading my sugestion.

Have a nice rest of the day.




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