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Pirate101 Subscriber / Addict promotion

Agrias34Agrias34 Member UncommonPosts: 147

This game is actually quite amazing.  Most everyone of age 18+ will probably think this a child's game, but in all honesty, it really isn't, nor does it matter.  The game isn't like playing a Hello Kitty Online child game, but rather just a fun casual MMORPG that anyone can like.  As a 23 yr. old gamer, I can honestly say this is one of the best MMO's to date and has thus far kept my attention a lot longer than any MMO in the past years for example: GW2, TSW, SWTOR, AoW.  All of these games had less of my attention and time put into them than Pirate101 has thus far.

The combat is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, where you have like a chessboard map and move/hit/cast spells etc.  Each character has a bunch of special attack animations and they are pretty cool.  It's not always the same basic auto attack or animation every single time.  There are 5 classes to pick from, and you even get up to 15 points later on to spend into other classes' spell trees to have as a secondary class system as a sorts.


The game is very in depth and troll free, there's really no way for anyone to troll you, or be rude/negative attitude in this game at all or at least extrememly low chance to do any of that sort.  It's a very friendly environment and plays well.  Every single quest and dungeon and ship battle and everything can be done with friends.  Quest credit as well counts for all of those in your group or who participated in the fight.  Very easy to get in to, and very addicting.


Anyways, I'm so into this game that I'm spending quite a bit of money in the cash shop, cuz I'm a sucker for microtransactions, and if anyone who has yet to try out this game is interested, you can use my invite-a-friend link here  ( ) and you'll get yourself 'crowns' (the cash shop currency) if you end up spending more than $6 on the game, which if you end up subscribing for even just 1 month, will net you bonus crowns, but only if you had used one of these invite links.


The game is not pay2win.  Yes, there are some items in the cash shop that give you different appearances and different companions, but they are all the same as you can get if you just play the game.  If you want to play past the first chapter, which ends around level 9-10, then you will have to subscribe for $10 a month, or pay by chapter which is about 2 dollars per chapter average.  It will take about 3 days of full days playing to even get to level 9-10, and by that point you will know if you want to pay for a subscription or not. 


There is too much to type up here for everyone to get a grasp on the game, but any newcomers or those interested, feel free to ask me any further questions and I'll gladly answer them here for you.  I'll keep this page refreshed every hour or so, hopefully I can get some of you addicted as well :P



This game is awesome, check it out or ask me questions about it if you are afraid it's too fun for you.


  • fldashfldash Member UncommonPosts: 227

    Was looking for a turned based MMO. I loved Atlantica Online, but burnt out on it. Wakfu has a subscription and is VERY grindy (and dead population wise). Remembered this was by the same people that made Wizard 101 which was turned based. Tried it out today and I like it a LOT. Granted I've just completed only the first major quest chain, but I'm excited about playing it more...

    Former xFire user... I only wanted a game tracker and messenger, not a screenshot taker, video recording, broadcasting piece of bloatware.

  • Agrias34Agrias34 Member UncommonPosts: 147
    I'm glad you like it thus far.  This game really does fill the void of what I was also looking for in a strategy/turn based game that others couldn't do for me.  There are surprisingly a lot of people always playing this game and it is so easy to just jump in and play along.  You'll never have trouble finding others.
  • elexsynn3411elexsynn3411 Member Posts: 1

    I had first heard about this when I was tiring out of Wizards101, and had been anticipating it very much.  It's pretty much 100% what I'm looking for in a game.

    It fills that "Shining Force 2" void I have been missing for so long with a similar grided combat system, and adds a little extra with the ship-to-ship battles.

    I'm usually open to teaming with anyone who wants company.  Look up Sleepy Cedric Holbrook sometimes.



  • freestuff19841freestuff19841 Member Posts: 1
    ill team up with you i get so bored playing alone lol
  • RednecksithRednecksith Member Posts: 1,238
    It wasn't a bad game at all, but for some reason the ship-to-ship combat sections run horribly on my PC (15-20FPS avg.), and Kingsisle tech support was utterly useless when it came to figuring out why. It's just not enjoyable running the way it is. A shame really.
  • trex20trex20 Member Posts: 1
    can i add ya Im a Bucc named Bloody Duncan Louis
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