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Planetside 1 is going F2P before June

spizzspizz Member UncommonPosts: 1,971


  • krevrakrevra Member UncommonPosts: 39
    Great to see yet another game going f2p, this model will continue to be adopted for many more years. Evolution of gaming :)
  • spizzspizz Member UncommonPosts: 1,971

    Well, if it gets implemented for older games or games who did not well it sounds alright. But developing gameplay just around a cash shop isnt that great for game quality. You can smell f2p games from far and actually its rare to find any really good one which was developed for it, at least thats my expirience. It fits probably rather in the more and more quick obsolescence of products in general.  

    Will be interesting to see how they will introduce a f2p with Planetside 1 without changing much the gameplay/content.


  • tkoreapertkoreaper Member UncommonPosts: 411
    Since the release of Planetside 2 no one has been playing Planetside 1... They either kill the game or make it F2P.
  • JimLadJimLad Member CommonPosts: 187

    They toyed with idea of putting adverts for Fanta and stuff on the walls years ago.

    I'm hoping they just expand on this and don't put in a cash shop. PS1 is a game that really doesn't have room for fluff, outside of maybe customising your soldier a bit more.

    ...and maybe vehicle decals, I wouldn't mind that.

  • crazepharmacistcrazepharmacist Member Posts: 4
    game just went free today :)
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