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[Stream] Obsessed w LoL's Official HD stream

TimmyTimmy Member Posts: 68

Hey everyone! I'm Obsessed w LoL and I have decided to start streaming! 

I'll be streaming from 12 AM - 5 AM Central time everyday! So be sure to check me out during those times! I'll be sure to chat with everyone that joins in on chat channel, during deaths or when i'm waiting in Q.

No, I'm not high Elo (yet) but I consider myself pretty good overall. I play to win every game no matter how down we are and I do my best to pick around what everyone else picks to make sure our comp is good. I also frequent tribunal helping weed out toxic players and yes report people who do need to be reported. I do my very best to not be toxic myself. 

Alright guys well now that the little BIO is over! The goal here for me is i'd like to get on Riot's featured stream list! That requires with my streaming time a 120 or so people a night for 2 months! So I'll reach for that goal.Later, i'd love to be partnered with Own3d.com down the road but we will talk about that when we get there. For now everyone that goal is to get featured! 

Also i'd like to mention once I get partnered i'd love to have some give aways and such! So the most dedicated people who watch the most and come in chat and talk i'll be keeping track of ya and you'll be in line for some Riot points! :P Thanks for reading everyone! Please come in and watch! Also don't forget to FOLLOW and LIKE! PLZ

tl;dr I'm a new rocking streamer head on over and WATCH! Be sure to FOLLOW and LIKE! PLZ!



www.own3d.tv/Obsessed-w-LoL                                                                                                     www.Twitter.com/Obsessed_w_LoL                                                                                           www.Facebook.com/ObsessedwLoL




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