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Let us sort out all the non client mmo's PLEASE

Crunchy222Crunchy222 Member CommonPosts: 386

Just another thread asking for this.


Your game list can be sorted by all, free, released, beta, mac, browser, not sure what the last one is about.

See anything that could possibly be missing?  Oh right, an ability to sort out all the junk browser games, all the non RPG games.

You know so i could come to mmorpg.com and search for MMORPG perhaps.  Im not sure if this is on purpose, i assume it is, the big draw to this site use to be that it was an easy way to keep track of the good client based mmorpgs that were out and were comming out.

Now its a hot mess with dead games forever in beta/development, games that havent had enough votes to rate it in the last 5 years they have been on the site.  Browser games. ...well really any game that requires an internet connection.


Why cant you put a seperate list of client based mmoRPG's?  So sick of clicking on new games then hitting the back button instantly as i see the word browser or "text based" or realize that the game is in development but the last post is in 2009 and proclaiming that the game is dead (yet its still up high on the hpye meter)


I expect nothing will be done, i guess keeping the list clogged gets these other games false hits and makes it seem like tons of people are interested or something.


Also you got a lot of games with no sub forum for some reason...which kind of defeats the purpose other than it being an advertisement in disguise.



TLDR?  Allo us to please sort out all the non RPG, all the browser games, and let us have a list of mmorpgs please.

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