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I have not played LOTRO since it was first released, in fact I can't even remember for the life of me my account information. I've been trying to find another MMO to play alongside my son who is currently reading The Hobbit, and the LOTR books (he loves the movies and console games) so I figured why not jump back in. My main question is would we be able to play decently without have to shell out $ for anything? Not looking to sink cash into the game in order to get ahead or make it fun. Is there a way to get the currency in game to purchase the expansions as we get to the point of needing them? Lastly, is Landroval still a RP heavy server (I loved it there when I played). 

I should clarify, my son is 9 and has been playing wow with me for the last 4 years but I've become burnt out on it and moved to GW2, leaving him to fend for himself in wow. So I'm looking to get back into a mmo with him. Do you think LOTRO is overly complicated for his age? He does quite well in wow, better than most adults who play most times. He definately knows to not stand in the fire!!!


  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749

    "would we be able to play decently without have to shell out $ for anything?" it depends on what you mean under decently :) It is possible to play the whole game for free, but in that case you should brace yourself for some serious (to the letter. Serious) amount of grind. Same for the "getting ahead" part, you need to buy the expansions or at least their quest packs if you want to do quests there and not only killing trash mobs (although the book quest line is free, but that won't get you far)

    "Is there a way to get the currency in game to purchase the expansions as we get to the point of needing them?" yes, you can get Turbine points in game, and yes, you can buy / unlock everything from the Store. There are TP farming guides for it, but again, it's a massive grind...

    Landroval is still the RP recommended server from the former US servers.

    "Do you think LOTRO is overly complicated for his age?" I think if he can manage wow, he'll be fine in LotRO as well. True, LotRO is pegi12 if I remember correctly, but... pegi... lol. On the other hand, jumping right away in an RP server (even if it's not as strict as our Laurelin) maybe not a perfect idea :)

  • strangiato2112strangiato2112 Member CommonPosts: 1,538

    My reccomendation is this:

    Play until level 20ish with the f2p version.  If you find you are nejoying, do the 3 month sub for 30 bucks (you were paying for WoW, so the sub shouldnt be an issue).

    That gives you 500 TP per month, which combined with the TP from deeds should be enough to work with.

    Steam just had a sale for the first 3 expansions bundled for 20 bucks.  not sure if its still going on but be on the lookout for sales like that.

    I do not recommend LOTRO as a game where you dont plan on spending money, even if it can be done.


  • free2playfree2play Member UncommonPosts: 2,043

    The only server I ever played was Landroval and I can't say I see any difference in it since the Hobbit came out. It is and always has been active and hums along in its own speed. The RP claim of Landroval has never fallen short. Many player events in the shire, the people there RP and do it for an RP value.

    I have never had to play pure free LotRO so I really don't know what the absolute restrictions are in it.

    The game has more content than 10 MMO's in many cases and the world is huge. Crafting, if you are a crafter is an industry benchmark right now. I don't know if that speaks of LotRO or the industry though. A bit of both if I had to decide. I enjoy it but I am an old guard MMO player who looks for san box elements in the game and this one intergrates a progress driven and sustainable crafting system few MMO's have taken the time to do. Harvesting is obvious and simple and works for the game. Combat is PvE mostly and the game didn't make the mistake of trying to be good at both PvE and PvP and ending up failing at both. Many quests are very Lore driven, you will end up meeting all the characters from Legolas and Gimli to Galadriel to Frodo and Sam.

    Again, to do it from scratch with a pure free account? I'm sure it can be done but the lengths you would need to go to save $20 or $30 might not seem to make sense. You will find it is better to just pay 3 months and unlock many of the things that free Turbine Points would have unlocked.

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