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Stunning visuals

DobuzinskyDobuzinsky Member Posts: 9

<p>...when using nVidia's 3D stereoscopic system!  The game itself?  Fun to play.  Strange mixtures of NPC's... lifelike NPC's, some MOBS, many are too "cutesy" for my taste; I try to ignore them.  Avatars are quite customizeable, but some people create freakish beings that I have to ignore.  There can be lots of gold spamming, but "ignore" works surprizingly well.</p><p>Getting the game to install, launch and stabilize can be challenging.  After much frustration running Windows 8 64 bit, it now runs and launches pretty consistently on my system... but I almost gave up there for awhile in frustration.</p><p>I'm now spoiled.  I would find it hard to play a game that doesn't take advantage of nVidia's 3D steroscopic system!</p>

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