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Petition Against Nexon America



  • BraindomeBraindome Member UncommonPosts: 959
    Originally posted by yucklawyers

    Nexon are simply one of the greediest publishers out there and will milk their suckers dry.


    That's all.



    I respect your passion OP and it's true when consumers band together a difference can be made, but the fact is I don't personally care for Nexon or any of the games they develop and in general fixing one problem with them will just be a blip on the radar of the massive problems in general that need to be fixed with the company and personally do you feel like babysitting them?

    Good luck with the petition, but Nexon really sealed their fate with me as a consumer whenever they did a finally cash grab with Dungeon Fighter Online knowing good and well it was going to be closed down. I don't have confidence in them overall so I just choose to not support them, that is my petition. 

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