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Vindictus - The Choice for Casuals

tom_goretom_gore Member UncommonPosts: 2,001

I have to say, the first time I tried Vindictus I dismissed it as your basic F2P lobby MMO with no lasting appeal.

And today having reinstalled it, I still quite think that way, but I've noticed one thing.

This game is perfect for a casual gamer who can only afford short sessions every now and then, but still wants to play an MMO. Most dungeons can be finished in 15 minutes or less, solo. Others take longer, but you can still be done in less than an hour, including grouping up.

And grouping up is as easy as things go. Join a party or create one. Few minutes later you're off to the dungeon. My only gripe is the P2P (?) grouping which depends heavily on the group leader's internet connection.

There seems to be a ton of stuff to do and character customization, while a bit limited, still offers enough to make my character look unique.

Will it hold me for years to come? Probably not. Will it give me my MMO fix when I feel like it, and let me forget it when I don't?

You bet.


Oh and as far as F2P games go, this game seems to be very non-intrusive with their cash shop. So far I have not paid a penny and haven't felt the least bit forced to do so. Will probably invest in some hairstyles, etc. later.



  • KrelianKrelian Member UncommonPosts: 384

    Good news, and an interesting post to me, as I sort of em the very definition of a casual player (more or less, have very limited amount of time to play games, but I also love MMO's, so you can see my dilemma).

    It appears that Vindictus is worth checking out:)

  • WarbandWarband Member UncommonPosts: 723

    Vindictus is a surprisngly high quality game, if you can get over the fact it's instanced, you'll be surprised at how many things the game does well. Great combat system probably the best I've seen of a mmo and feel wise the best action combo based combat system on a PC game I've played. A great soundtrack through you'll have to get into some of the raids to really appreciate it, and a surprisingly good story. Pretty much the opposite of the typical mmo as it's darker than most, as you are not the hero, and unlike say guild wars there is no hero. It's fairly similar to SC brood wars in a way and if you discover some of the of Mabinogi's story (it's sequel story wise), you'll realise some massive irony's in the whole thing.

    Cash shop is for the most part intrusive, anything on the cash shop you can get ingame with money, and they run dozens of events giving free stuff from the cash shop anyway, so simply hanging around you can dye your characters armour whatever you want for free, (even without using in game gold). Put in severall hundreds hours in the game and never felt compelled to buy anything. (I bought stuff but only cosemetic stuff since I felt I may as well support the game after but in so many hours into it.

    It's also great cooporately since even in a middle of a level (and even if you died) you call on someone to help you finish the level as long as your party isn't full, so it makes making friends and joining a guild fairly important. Since the longer the list of friends/guildmates and the closer you are to them the likely they help you should enter a sticky situation soloing or in a raid etc.

    Highly reccommend the game, though I would suggest a good internet connection since it's easier to get groups if your the host.

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