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Less Hardcore Zombie Game?

I've been reading about WarZ and a few other zombie/horror games, but haven't quite found what I'm looking for. Is there any game out there that is more like your typical MMO like EQ2 or TSW, but dealing with zombies or post apocalypse? I did try Fallen Earth but it wasn't for me.


Anything out now or on the near horizon? 


  • grimgryphongrimgryphon Member CommonPosts: 682
    The only one I can think of off-hand is Xsyon.

    Optional PvP = No PvP
  • CrazyCronusCrazyCronus Member UncommonPosts: 47
    All the online zombie games I know of are either FPS's or "hardcore" RPGs with FPS elements like DayZ and WarZ. 
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