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It's grind but lovely

Lovely_LalyLovely_Laly Member UncommonPosts: 734

I must admit, I like this game.

My positive points are:

great character customization, cool graphics, mounts and fly mounts (you can buy with game money and not forced to go to item shopping =D), tons of fashion makes your look unique.

great deal is: you can pay and get all fast or grind few months and get all free.
nothing comes only from item shop, and even if you buy might it's only affect you at PvP.

My best fun is rushing dungeons and here we have 2 cool points: mentor system when high lvl player run you through dungeon and you get tons of rewards (haha lazy way but fun) and dungeon finder to get your party ready really fast.

I think this game is nice replacement of WoW if you don't want to pay sub.

Devs keep polish it, fix bugs and add content, so I'm quite happy with it.

negative points are:

relatively small world, not very large end game content and overall can be very repetitive, busy and boring (LOL sounds strange but it how it works, as you need to make like 10 different tasks per day + some are time limited to some hours), it can feel like full time job.

try before buy, even if it's a game to avoid bad surprises.
Worst surprises for me: Aion, GW2

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